Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Portland's Sign of Apocalyptic Spending Makes National News

PDX's Million $ "Stimulus"

Did the $20,000,000.00 the Rainbow City Council 'jacked from sewer fees to build bike-paths-they're-not-really-bike-paths-they're-bio-swales make you want to take a pee shooter to Rudoph's nose on Randy's White Stag-Made-in-Oregon-not-Made-in-Oregon-University-of-Oregon-not-University-of-Oregon sign? Well, be ready to be amazed. KGW reports that Senator Tom Coburn has named this program as one of his top most wasteful spending in the "stimulus" program (here).
PDX's Million $ "Stimulus"
Portland spent nearly $1,000,000.00 in federal "stimulus" money to install "bike path" signs where they already existed.
What I'd like to know is if this money on bike path stencils on Portland streets obligates us to use those spaces exclusively for bike paths in the future. Anybody? Anybody?


  1. No one's life liberty or property is safe as long as the legislature is in session.

  2. Victoria,

    Good question. Check out the girth of those Bike Lanes! Ridin' in style, plenty of elbow room there? Obviously OPM was no object.

    Why am I reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer "adopts-a-highway" and creates "Cadillac lanes Jerry!" ( while cruising the Parkway, car door open, paint roller in hand! )

    You had to go a fer' piece to top Senator Coburn's List. Take 'pride' in that PDX!

  3. Oh, Marshall, I'm looking up that Seinfeld episode.

  4. Victoria,

    I tried to Youtube and link it but Michael had so many hysterical/parody moments on the show, it could take some digging?

    His spastic/frantic fumbling for the roller tray goes hand in glove w/ the City's response here. ( I think he got more on his pants than the road? ) First one who finds it post here and shoot Coburn's aides the link too!

    I'm sure Okie doc's may be long on horse-sense but aren't entirely without humor? ( That's intended as a compliment of the highest order Senator! )

  5. I can't even figure out what the stenciled signs mean! There are NO lanes, just stencils. Are certain streets supposed to be bike corridors? Seems to me it will just make bikers bolder and cause more accidents. I think it's not only stupid and wasteful; it's dangerous to the bikers.

  6. 'The Pothole' ( Yer' a prince! )

    The fact that it all ends in FLAMES only sweetens the deal! Thanks man.