Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Longshore Local President Dan Coffman on Escalating Union Thuggery

After a carjacking, vandalism of rail cars, dumping (not spilling) grain, destruction of private property, interfering with interstate commerce, assaulting Police Officers, preventing security guards from leaving while they trashed the facility and the possibility of involvement in rail tampering, Governor Gregoire, it is time you called out the Guard to protect innocent American workers, Union workers in Longview.

This thuggery must stop before someone is seriously injured or killed at the hands of these thugs.

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  1. Don't worry, Lew, she won't call out the guard.The State Patrol is the one entity on tap to help.
    As we've discussed on the program the FEDS are the natural allies here. They're on it--especially since that "civil rights" lawsuit was filed recently.
    So far we have these policing/law agencies notified and helping to some extent:
    Local Longview Police
    Cowlitz County Sheriff
    State Police
    BNSF law enforcement
    US Attorneys Office

  2. Meh. Felony arrests. Lots of felony arrests.

    And a fun discussion of RICO.

    Strikes and protests are all fun'n'games right up till assault, kidnapping, theft, and sabotage are on the menu....