Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupaid Portland?

This is a Craigslist ad found today. Looking up their website  reveals their compensation package that they get (for protesting?)
. Location: Portland
• Compensation: $11.44/Hour $457.60/Week + Full Benefits/Sick Days/Vacation Days/Paid Holidays
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  1. Good work Lew. Creating a false and misleading post while trying to make it look legit by parenthesizing (for protesting). If you bothered to look at the site, you would have found NOTHING related to the "Occupy" protests. The Craigslist add is for a legit job, one amongst many posted on their website. Of course, to you, anything associated with union activities is bad, so you make BS posts like this. Apparently, working in a paid position for a union as a field manager or canvasser is not a job to you since you falsely believe is recruiting paid protesters.

    Tell us Lew, did you squawk when Loren Parks and Bill Sizemore paid out of state people to further their political agenda? That was factual.

    But then again, whatever you believe must be true, even when faced with substantiated facts. For in Lew's world, the facts must be wrong, because he can't be.

  2. Oh, c'mon DJ. Signature gatherers are hirees too.

  3. Yes, Victoria, signature gatherers are legit jobs and the Sizemore/Parks hiring of them is legal. I believe Lew is attempting to make that post sound like is hiring "occupy" protesters, which is total BS and why I called him on it.

  4. dj, put down the bong and think, for a change.

    The Craigslist ad specifies Portland and WorkingAmerica is in support of the 'protest.'

    It's all tied together and hardly grassroots.

  5. Hi dj,

    Are you not struck by the irony of unions, public employees, and non profits and the rest of the "social justice" crowd hiring people at less than a living wage to do their "grunt" work for them? Are their employees represented and have collective bargaining rights to improve their pay and working conditions? And why is management making over a third more than the worker?

    Isn't that what Elizabeth Warren was saying about rich didn't get their on your own?