Saturday, November 12, 2011

Schnitzers Among Those Giving Money to Occupy Portland?

Schnitzer Family Gave $$ to Occupiers?
We knew the communist party, socialist workers party, IWW--the Wobblies, the ATU, the AFL-CIO, and AFSCME were providing muscle and money for the Occupiers' mayhem--but the Schnitzer family?

At 1:14 in this video by Laughing at Liberals, this Occupy Portland guy claims the Schnitzer Family Trust has given them $5,000.00.
That's like King Louis XVI giving the murderous rabble of the French Revolution the money for the guillotine.

If there is a first family of Portland, the Schitzers would qualify. Schnitzer Steel is one of the top companies in Portland and does business around the world. When you go to a concert chances are you see it at "The Schnitz." When you went to the Portland Art Museum gala, Portland's art doyenne, Arlene Schnitzer, would be the one in the mink.

If this guy is telling the truth I have one thing to say to the Schnitzer family: Do you think that by paying what looks to be protection money that these rabble would treat you, your property or your wealth any differently than they've treated the CEO of Chase, than Bank of America, Wells Fargo, the people of the City of Portland and two city parks?   It also explains in part why the City had a mostly hands off attitude about encampment--till now--when it was too hard to hide this disaster any longer. It's videos like this, I reckon, that are the reason for it:

As I was casting about on the internet this morning after seeing this video, I found an old article I wrote for BrainstormNW Magazine back in the day. The article serves as a pretty good backgrounder for why the City is as dysfunctional and corrupt as it is. Notable is the portion on dignity village. Enjoy it --or weep over it--here. I didn't come up with the title of the piece, my editors did, but in hindsight it was pretty good.

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