Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fighting Back: Clackastani Rebellion Goes Big But Outside Help Creates Rift. Savas = Leavitt

The Clackastani Rebellion has picked up some help from the Oregon 
Transformation Project. The public affairs group has given a little more financial heft to what has been a deeply grass roots movement to assert more local control over Clackamas County and minimize the influence of Metro, Multnomah County and their Professional Planner Class.

Transformation is supporting a trio of candidates for the Clackamas County Commission: Tootie Smith,  John Ludlow and Jim Knapp.

Transformation's support of Ludlow signals a break in the Rebellion. Ludlow is running against Paul Savas, an original favorite with the grass roots. Savas lost favor when, as a former supporter puts it in an angry email to me:
  • Savas lied to voters. 
  • Savas hasn't supported ANY of the rebellion. 
  • He refused to support the fee referendum, didn't even vote on it & told a reporter he wasn't sure how he would have voted as a commissioner had he been on the commission when they passed it. 
  •  He refused to help or support the UR initiative and then voted against it.
  •  He refused to help, support or sign the rail vote initiative and will not vote for it. 
Savas and some of the original Clackastani Rebels say those claims are false. Savas said so in a full page ad in the Northwest Connection newspaper,

While the goals of both factions are generally the same, the folks who fired up the rebellion are upset with Transformation's meddling.  They backed Savas and they still do. Those who have given up on Savas call him, "The Tim Leavitt of Clackamas County."

For a clue on what that means, here's a parody of the Vancouver Mayor by the producers of the internet show, "Vancouvria."


  1. This is a total farce "the Clackastani Rebellion" is a name that Mr. Ludlow usurped from AFP Clackamas group of which he is not a
    member and has only been to one meeting! As for Or. Transformation Project they, Allen Alley, Rob Kremer & Mr. Pasero are throwng thousands of dollars behind "their ticket" to BUY THE BOARD CHAIR AND 2 OTHER SEATS. The same group are also using Third Century Solutions to accomplish the same thing. Clackamas residents are saying NO to this ticket - THE BOARD CHAIR IS NOT FOR SALE IT NEEDS TO BE EARNED! Mr. Ludlow hasn't earned it with his false innuendos, mistruths and divisiveness about Commissioner Savas. Even the Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce endorsed Paul Savas's campaign after Mr. Ludow served as Mayor, City Councilman and on the Chamber - Do they know something the rest of you don't know about Mr. Ludlow and his ability to lead? VOTE PAUL SAVAS FOR BOARD CHAIR!

  2. Any of those candidates you mentioned would be better than Dave Hunt, Charlotte Lehan et al. Gavel down!

  3. Focusing on Dave Hunt might not be a bad idea at this time, as he knows a lot about dysfunction:

    Dave Hunt says he wants to fix a Clackamas County Commission that he calls “dysfunctional.” He wants to promote “greater citizen involvement” and “partner” with private sector businesses. It all sounds grand – just what voters probably want to hear from someone running for Clackamas County Commission Chair. But Hunt’s record in Salem belies his high-sounding words.

    Hunt knows something about “dysfunctional” political environments. He knows how to create them, but not fix them. The fact is that even his Democratic colleagues found fault with Hunt’s brand of politics.They voted to remove him as both House Speaker and Democratic Leader in less than a year, because of his reputation, as The Oregonian’s Jeff Mapes reported, for “not playing straight with them.”

    Hunt also knows about Dirty Politics

    In addition, Hunt ran a campaign team that made claims The Oregonian deemed “purely and simply false” and “this year’s cheapest shot.” One campaign piece earned a Pants-on-Fire liar designation from the paper’s Politifact truth-o-meter. His tenure as House Speaker was a time of manipulation, threats and punishment.

    Hunt talks today about greater citizen involvement, but he worked to keep Oregonians from voting on his proposal for the largest tax increase in Oregon history. He even tried to change Oregon law so that, if voters were able to refer his $733-million tax increase, a “yes” vote would mean “no,” and a “no” vote yes. He failed, but when voters put the tax increase on the ballot, he threatened various groups and individuals because they either opposed or refused to endorse his tax increases.

    Dave Hunt: Bad for Business, Bad for Clackamas

    Hunt also promises to partner with Clackamas businesses. He even says he’ll “pick up the phone” and call local businesses if he becomes chair. But Hunt didn’t listen when state and county business leaders told him his $733 million tax increase would be bad for business. He admits now that he was “out of step” with the business community in pushing through these tax increases. At that time, however, then-Speaker Hunt told business leaders from across Oregon that “what business thinks doesn’t matter here.” That’s no way to promote economic growth and jobs or greater citizen involvement, though it did help to make his speakership so “dysfunctional” that even his fellow Democrats dumped him.

    Common Sense Oregon clarifies its statement in last weeks' email. Instead of Dave Hunt "failed to support two bills that would have created thousands of private-sector jobs, including one to increase timber harvests on state forest lands." we should have written, "failed to sponsor or assist committee discharge of two bills, HB4098, and HB 4101, that would have created thousands of private-sector jobs, including one to increase timber harvests on state forest lands."

    2007 State Street
    Salem, Oregon 97301

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  5. This email was sent to me this morning in my email. I must be over the target because I'm taking flak from all sides:
    Blog Item: "Victoria Taft lost favor when, as a former listener puts it in an angry email..."

    Victoria Taft lied to her listeners

    Taft hasn't supported ANY of the rebellion

    She refused to support the fee referendum, and wasn't sure how she would have acted had she been on the air when it passed

    She refused to help the UR initiative and spoke out against it

    She refused to help, support or sign the rail vote initiative and will not speak out against it

    Victoria, I respectfully suggest you "look before you leap". Why don't you have a cup of coffee with Paul Savas, spend some face-to-face time and check out each of the assertions in that "angry email". Discover the facts and then judge for yourself. The attack against Savas is as illegitimate as are my rants against you. -Dick Jaskiel

    TRUTH IN BLOGGING DISCLAIMER: I am a worker on Savas' campaign.

  6. Savas' campaign ad says he:

    "Was consistently against the Sellwood Bridge fee."

    Can he make that claim with a straight face?

    He couldn't even bring himself to vote "no" on the bridge fee when the opportunity presented itself. How "consistent" is that?

    As misguided as Lehan, Linninger and Bernards were to support the bridge fee, at least they had the courage of their convictions. They spoke out (repeatedly), they donated money to the pro-fee campaign and they showed no qualms about voting for it.

    Savas didn't do any of that. He even left his ballot blank.

    Good thing there were 54,225 Clackamas voters who were capable of voting "no" on the Sellwood Bridge fee. Every one of them did more to overturn it than Savas, but a year later, here he is taking credit for being on the winning side?!


  7. Hi folks,

    Bravo to the stalwart citizens in Clackamas County for standing up against the "smart planners". Let's just be careful not to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by losing focus on the prize. Next target, metro.