Monday, April 30, 2012

Occupy Portland May Day Melee: Violence & Land Grab Promised

Portland Occupiers and their kindred in communist, unionist, anti war and  Portland State University faculty circles (but I repeat myself) promise violence and theft on May Day. They're also doing it under a new name. This week they're calling themselves the Portland Liberation Organizing Council or PLOC for short.

PLOC's planned melee begins in the morning at the Portland Public school HQ where students will stage a strike. This is otherwise known as skipping school.

PLOC-ers are upset about budget cuts at schools-- --and world peace. Perhaps they'll ask the Superintendent about giving money away in the City's latest urban renewal scheme (see post here) which will cost the school district $163 million dollars, but don't count on it. That would ruin the '1%-ers are evil and greedy and that's why school budgets are being cut back' narrative.

I know what you're thinking: Will the kids get community service credit for skipping school? We'll be asking on the program today.

Meantime, back at the "adult" protest, there will be rallies, marches, guitar strumming, mayhem, property theft and drum banging (rinse, repeat) conducted throughout the day. The group claims to actually have a permit for one of their marches but an un-permitted march is planned where organizers have called for violence.
"Friendly to otherwise unfriendly tactics." 

They not only say that on their organizing page but also on their Facebook page. Gee, I wonder what that means? Sounds like threatened violence to me.

PLOC-ers also plan to steal property. They call this "Land Liberation" and "Space Reclamation," but those are just fancy words for taking someone else's property. They'll be doing this activity at Woodlawn Park at NE 13th and Dekum.

Scene of PLOC's News Conference Last Week

At the same time the PLOCK-ers are inviting violence and other law breaking, they've also asked the Mayor to stand down and keep the cops out of their way.
Knowing this Mayor, he probably will do what they want.

Stay tuned to the Victoria Taft Show. We'll be covering the May Day Melee from an, ah, interesting perspective. You wouldn't want to miss it now, would ya? 


  1. Hi Victoria,

    At last, some truth in mention of workers. For those folks at Woodlawn Park, if someone says "Wassup cuz?" be careful how you answer...and wearing red around there might not be healthy. All they find might just be your bones. : )

  2. Ignorance abounds in this post. PLOC is not stealing. PLOC is responding to theft by banks by using self-defense. The community is coming out to defend itself against the injustices caused by the greed and corruption of Big Banks and developers. To put it in terms your conservative brain can comprehend, the NRA fights to keep our guns, PLOC fights to keep our homes.

    Also, Occupy Portland is a network with many groups interconnected. You can't boil it down to "Occupy Portland is calling themselves PLOC".

    The PPS protest is a collaboration of educators and students. The May Day March at 3:30 is a rally and march organized by the May Day Coalition.

    And I can't speak to the 11:30 march, as I don't have enough information about it.

    1. I agree with one thing in your post as it applies to your post: "Ignorance abounds." That is all.

  3. Hi unknown,

    How about if I come over to your house and expropriate all your stuff in "self defense" to you and Occupy Portland stealing from the taxpayer and costing dozens of innocent people to lose their jobs because the money to fund their pay and benefits had to be spent to baby sit the "99%". Sound fair?

    To match your's and your progressive pals twisted form of ethics, the NRA would fight for it right's by shooting people just as you steal to protect PLOC's.

    Using that logic, perhaps the tax payers need to fight the colaboration of teachers and education bureaucrats that decided to "steal", er divert money to pay and benefits rather than infrastructure and curriculum, not to mention failing over 50% of those kids.

    Wise up doesn't even begin to plan the road to reality for you. Better get some "skin" in the game.

  4. Mike

    Good Post!


    Owning a gun is a right protected by the US Constitution. The NRA is helping to protect that right. Owning a house is not a right but a privilege. Besides the bank owns the home until you pay it off. If you don't make the payment the bank still owns the home and it is still their property not yours.

  5. Who does it serve to have that bank sitting on that property while millions are being forced onto the streets because of irresponsible and de-regulated bank activities? There's a clear victim here and it isn't the banks. Please recognize that the conservative agenda is for wealth and power to continue concentrating into the hands of the 1%. You and I and everyone you are related are likely not in this bracket and will only see your lives getting worse and worse by the year. Time to look around. The world isn't getting better because of heartlessness, greed, and individualism. The future lies in community and respect, in kindness and love. This is what we're fighting for. Tell me, what are you fighting for?

    1. Stealing is now, "community""respect," in kindness and love." George Orwell, please pick up the white courtesy phone...

  6. Victoria - what are you fighting for?

  7. Hi unknown,

    Yeah unknown, the victim are the taxpayers, you know those poor schmoes you and PLOC love to inconvenience while your fighting the 1%. Who does it serve to spend trillions of dollars we don't have on millions like you who think supporting yourself and perhaps contributing to the support of those who truly can't is a violation of their fundamental human rights.

    There's a priveledged 1% all right, it's the selfish, white slacker, entitled class of semi literate boobs you and PLOC represent in a world where half of people use firewood for cooking and warmth. If this is the kind of thinking your education produced, I want my money back.

    It would be nice to see you and PLOC get what you want in a truly just society like Cuba......a full time job in a Venceremos brigade cutting tobacco and sugar cane. No need to worry about those Fer de Lance snakes, they have free health care. They did such a great job on Hugo Chavez's cancer treatment, but at least the price was right and no private insurer made a peso.

  8. Unknown

    What I am fighting for is for me to be responsible to pay for my own bill. For you to be responsible to pay your own bills. I am not fighting for me to be responsible to pay my bills along with your bills too.

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  10. ok. the right wing can have their own crap thrown in their faces too. Using the same exaggeration and hyperbole and ruthless use of dramatic terms. When the Tea party protests the black president, they are heros, they used the term Liberty and Freedom and Patriotism and Billionaires jump onboard, funded the ENTIRE project, drove Sara Palin around in a bus, paid for PAC donations in hundreds of millions of dollars to protect what? Billionaires? yep, and you right wing simpletons bought it hook line and sinker. Occupy stands for Liberty, Freedon and Patriotism just the same, its just a bunch of people that have had it with the abuse of the political and financial system. And what will they accomplish? Probably nothing, because so much money is funneling into the opposition, they will never win. So, I ask, who do you believe in? Billionaires or your next door neighbors working 40hrs a week and losing everything because of the abuse fostered by the same billionaires that pay for the Tea Party ?

  11. Hi vote,

    This is evidently to hard a mission for unknown, so they had to bring in a Phd from PSU. First you might want to get your facts Zimmerman, the President is half white. It may assuage your white guilt to think he's black, but your mileage may very. Oh, and if your on a tight budget, instead of buying the boutique four pack of white guilt at New Seasons, you can get the ez pour 5 gallon box at Costco for just a little more.

    The spark for the Tea Party was not the President's election, but was in reaction to his bail outs and health care program which were passed in the face of overwhelming popular opposition. Evidently it was OK for him to bail out Wall Street millionaires and billionaires with tax money because you'd get "free health care" in return. Evidently, opposing reckless, out of control government spending which will destroy the entitlements you so desire is some kind of right wing conspiracy. Instead of pooping in the street and smoking dope, they got 71 new represntaives elected to Congress. And when they rallied they picked up the trash and took it with them. There behavior and success in the politcal arena is a testiment to the power of their ideas and ability to persuade versus your inability to forge any kind of coalition beyond a spoilied bunch of over educated and underemployed white kids.

    Occupy stands for lawlessness and and a priveledged position for it self over people who play by the rules. It is an elitist group that disdains the rest of poor mortals whose rights and freedom to go about their daily busines is second to PLOC's need for props in it's political theater...a sociopathy worthy of Ted Bundy. Evidently we are to stupid to realize that your cursing us over megaphones is for our own good.

    There were plenty of left wing millionaires and billonaires lining up to support Occupy until the true character of its members came to light. Even poor rich Michael Moore got dissed. If you and the PLOCers are so hot to deal with the 1%, how come you don't go to where they live instead of disrupting thousands of 40 hour a week workers you claim to support. How about laying down in front of a limo in Lake Oswego instead of a bus or MAX train in downtown Portland?

    So vote, perhaps you can be the first in a long line of Occupiers who post here to explain Occupy's political platform in a few simple declarative sentences. I mean beyond you want free stuff. How about Occupy's definition of Patriotism for a start.

    So instead of usual left wing crap and hyperbole, how about a few simple ideas.

  12. Thank you for your thoughtful response Mike, you did a very good job of dissolving my hyperbole down to objective information. I carefully read your post, and I have some questions for you. The questions are not in any way meant to sway you of your political belief and values, but to clarify something. If the tea party was in response to runaway spending by the government, will you support Romney in his bid for presidency? He has indicated support for both of those spending measures?
    Your position that occupy stands for lawlessness and a priviledged position over those who play by the rules is slightly incorrect, however, it is noted that many civil laws have been broken by this group, the group seeks to change the rules to allow people with less wealth and power to have more input into the political system and the financial power that corrupts it. I am not a member of PLOC, heck, I dont really even know what the acronym stands for, but, in my heart, I believe that a balance of power needs to shift more towards common people, whether it be Tea Party supporters or Left Wing Liberals. Thank you for your time. You clearly have an understanding of the political process and an ability to translate your beliefs greater than most people on this blog.

  13. Hi vote,

    Good questions. First one. I'm not sure what two spending measures your speaking about Rommney supporting. He has already pledged to abolish Obamacare and that's agood start in terms or reducing spending. Clearly we are unable to reduce the deficit overnight, it will take a decade of restricting increases while discussing how to preserve those core services such as social security we value most. That may include some higher taxes,but the solution is to outgrow the debt by restricting spending and creating good private sector jobs to support those goals. If you took everything the 1% had, it would barely cover this years $1.3 trillion deficit. So what will you do the next year?

    Even without his predilection for increased spending, the president is not likely to use our economic strength, ie our natural resources to replace the wealth manufacturing use to provide to our economy. There are no real reasons not to become an energy exporter for any number of good reasons, the least of which is breaking OPEC's stranglehold on the world.

    We have high environmental protection in this country, yet Europe isn't any cleaner and pays upwards of $10.00 a gallon for gas. Affordable and abundant energy is the solution to most of the world's problems, not the cause.

    I disagree with your assessment of PLOC. They have broken lots of criminal laws as well, but the primary issue I have with them is their sense of enttlement to disrupt other peoples' lives with even being able to put two coherent sentences together to explain why. The average people they claim to represent are the victims of their boorish behavior and obscene chants, not the 1%....just the masses, peasants and factory workers...useful idiots. Unlike the Tea Party, they can't expound a plan of action to coalesce a base of support for popular political activity. Occupy has been around since last october and has accomplised nothing in the same period of time the Tea Party not only exposed the chicanery around Obamacare, but tilted the balance of power in the Congress. That's the difference between the two. Occupy is mainly a collection of malcontents who see themselves as the elite shock troops of some social movement they will shape, but you have to get out of bed first. They are no different than the faux campus revolutionaries I met at the U of O in 1968, but have no concensus amongst themselves.

    Your very kind to say so,but I am really just an average person. There are a lot of good posters here, I wish more on the other side like you and dj took the time to actually exchange ideas. trust me, I got someflakey ones. It just takes little effort to pay attention to understand the basic philosphies we're dealing with. Besides there's nothing wrong with a little hyperbole to spark things up, then get down to talk turkey.

    Hope to hear more from you.

  14. Mike, the PLOC, OWS and big business, e.g. big oil, big mining, big agra have one thing in common as you rightly point out. They engage in criminal activities and disrupt peoples' lives. The primary difference here is the OWS appears to want change while big business wants to increase profits.

    So the PLOC criminals vandalize public property, disrupt private small businesses and generally make a nuisance. Big business poisons the air, land and water and makes the public pay the cleanup, steals tax money with corporate welfare, rules changes and cronyism, buys political influence to further profits and cares nothing about the people or the country.

    The conservative talking heads rail on about the criminals of the OWS, yet it's OK for BP and their criminal business practices to kill 11 workers on DeepWater without any consequences as an example.

    Bottom line, no pun intended Mike, is the color of justice is "green", like in who has the money gets all the justice they can buy.