Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Clackastani Rebellion Gets Its Vote Today; 44% Turn Out Expected in Temporarily Meaningless Election

Today is Election Day in Clackamas County. The day in which the voters and taxpayers of the County were to say 'yes' or 'no' to Milwaukie Light Rail. However, in a fit of spite, the Clackamas County Commissioners circumvented the voters' wishes and arranged financing with Bank of America five days before the election.

They were stopped from issuing bonds, using urban renewal money, forcing a car tax and were left with two alternatives:
1. Doing what the voters wished and not build the lightrail extension
2. Telling voters to screw off and selling out Clackamas County.
They chose the latter. 

Clackamas County Elections Manager, Steve Kindred says voter turnout is pretty high for a one question election:
"If trend continues, Clackamas could see a 44 percent voter return in this election that includes just the light rail initiative. That's a 39 percent jump in turnout when compared to the Nov. 8, 2011 special election for two ballot mreasures, which saw a 24 percent voter return."
For Commission Chair Charlotte Lehan and Commissioner Jamie Damon, you might want to start cleaning out your desks: November is coming.


  1. Dear Victoria BofA loaned the $20 million because they were forced into OBAMA HAREM in the bank bailouts (also,required to buy Merrill's stock and take Merrill's workforce). Ray LaHood had this contingency at the Tri-Met ribon-cutting that AFP protested.