Friday, October 12, 2012

*VIDEO* Anarchist/Occupiers Trash Portland Businesses to Retaliate for Seattle Jailings

Occupy Anarchists (but I repeat myself) trash businesses to retaliate against their kindred getting busted after the Seattle May Day melee. Check out who's talking about it on their facebook page. The still shots I've isolated are from Citizen Journalist "BareItorBearIt" video below.
Note: that Walgreens store was open when the Occupy anarchists terrorized it. I'd look for enhanced charges when they find these people. And it doesn't look like it will be hard.  After the jump and after the videos find their Facebook postings RSVPing to the melee. 

By Citizen Journalist BareItorBearIt

In retaliation for the jailing of these bastards from Seattle's melee on May Day. Citizen Journalist, Laughing at Liberals, got this video:

Isolated photos of the Facebook postings taking "credit" for the vandalism and terrorizing of those people in the store.


  1. Hi Victoria,

    Poor Katherine Moore, if only we had affordable, reliable day care she could have particiapted..or better yet, take them with her.

    Timing is everything, where was our guy with the pick axe? : )

  2. The President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, He Who Bows To Terrorism, memorably informed the Occupiers, and thereby the nation and the world that: "You [Occupiers] are the reason I ran for office." Ah, truth escaped his lips for a change.
    If you don't want more of the violent narcissistic bratpack terrorism of the Occupiers, disoccupy Obama from the White House on Nov. 6.