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"A Serial Killer in Waiting" to be Released From Oregon Prison in Time for Christmas

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Oregon is about to release a serial killer in waiting, according to a well known criminal profiler, Pat Brown. The man dubbed the "Panty Thief," Sung Koo Kim is scheduled to be released from an Oregon prison on Christmas Eve (story here).

Profiler Pat Brown told me during Tuesday's show (interview here) she knows what's in Kim's future,
"There is nothing here that doesn't scream to me that there is going to be a dead woman somewhere near him in the near future unless he's on lock down."

Brown notes that before he was imprisoned, Kim was moving from murder fantasy to reality. She says the 40,000 images of rape, torture and mutilation of women authorities found in Kim's personal effects when he was arrested was accompanied by his real-life stalking of college coeds and his taking of underwear trophies and shows he was getting ready to act on his sick fantasies.

This is all pre rape and murder behavior.
This is a sexual psychopath who's going to spend 24-7 looking for a victim and an opportunity.

Kim was sent to prison in 2006 for burglary, stalking and other weirdo behavior in which he stole soiled underwear, hair, tampons and used toilet paper from female college students around Oregon.
According to the police report seen here in a Willamette Week story at the time (here), Kim had in his possession at the time of his arrest:

  • Over 40,000 images of women being tortured, raped, eviscerated and mutilated. Links to websites like asphyxiation2, strangling_whores, necrofeat, realcorpsephotos, femalestrangulation, facesofdeathfanclub and corpseoftheweek.
  • A surreptitiously made video of two women volleyball players from Portland's Concordia University doing their laundry, and information�obtained from the university's website�about when the women were born, their parents' names and where they'd gone to high school.
  • A computer document, entitled "OSU," that Benton County Deputy DA Haroldson later called "a list of horrific torture steps that lead to murder, followed by a list of supplies to bring along." The document, according to Haroldson, was prepared in March 2004, two months before Wilberger disappeared.
  • Computerized searches relating to a female OSU swim-team member who hung out at the Oak Park Apartments, where Wilberger was last seen, and who, said Haroldson, bore a striking physical resemblance to Wilberger.
  • Underwear labeled as coming from the "OSU swim apts," with the name of the woman who resembled Wilberger and the date 4/15.
  • Eleven pairs of panties that had been stolen from another swim-team member and Oak Park resident sometime between April and May 13.

Brown says someone will die.
 There is nothing in this that says he can be rehabilitated. Our society will just let him slither away. And someday, somebody will hire a handyman by the name of Kim and they will end up dead. Or some woman will be walking home from the store and some guy name Kim will drive up next to her and she will disappear.
But he has learned some lessons in prison, says Brown:

What he's learned in prison is how not to go back to prison.

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  1. maybe Jan Brewers husband should pay some legislators to increase the prison budget and build more prisons and line his pockets with more 100 dollar bills, seems like a valid solution.