Monday, November 12, 2012

Calling All Conservatives and Tea Party Patriots

 Portland Tea Party 2-17-09 Founder, Geoff Ludt on left
The Tea Party started because the people were alarmed at the outrageous spending by the federal government. It was bad enough during the Bush Administration but the Obama Administration has spent us into near Greece status with a $16 Trillion in debt. People took to the streets in February 2009 over the massive spending.

Following this latest election, the doctrinaire Republicans such as Peggy Noonan are pointing fingers at the Tea Party Patriots claiming--somehow--that we're to blame for the loss. We "rage" too much for her taste. I'm willing to take blame that's mine, but I don't think calling on conservatives to be more fiscally frugal is responsible for Mitt Romney's loss.

Once again we're hearing talk by Republican leaders of capitulating to the President and increasing the debt ceiling and raising taxes.

No more! We must prioritize spending and reduce expenditures!

At some point during the next few weeks we should let them know how powerful a group we are. I suggest we pick a date and en masse drop our Republican Party affiliation. Just change it to Indpendent--not the Independent Party, just our status.

Perhaps they might pay attention to us then. Some of you have already done this, most have not.

I'm open to suggestions on what date we would do this. Party registrations are easily done online.

Please let me know your thoughts. 


  1. Include me out. Elections have consequences.

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  3. I think it's a great idea...was planning on it anyway just let me know what date you decide on! The republican party is NOT listening to us...they do not represent us conservatives at all and I'm tired of them acting like weenies and NOT standing up to all the crap obama has pulled!

  4. Many thanks 'Baggers for Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, and Josh Mandel. Belated thanks for Joe Miller, Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, and Christine O'Donnell. Keep it up.........please.

  5. yeah, go ahead, weaken the Republican party, you really dont understand Victoria. Your lifeless conservative hate mongering is really the source of your problems. Quit repeating talking points, analyze with an open mind and present your topics intelligently and suddenly you will be winning elections again. The voters overwhelmingly rejected the Tea Party aggression this year. good luck digging out from the rubble of this last election, y'all got crushed.

  6. Bobby Jindal says that the GOP should stop being the "Stupid Party."

    Teabaggers, are you listening?

  7. I already dropped my Republican party affiliation because of the Conservative movement abandoned individual liberty, capitalism and limited government.
    Perhaps it would be a good thing. Finally the GOP can be rid of the modern day Know Nothing party (immigration)and social big government conservatism.

    We can push the party more to a Reagan like limited government free market position.

  8. Hi vote,

    Great advice, when are you going to take it? : ) How about you or one of your doppelgangers present an "intelligently" crafted, analyzed with an "open mind" presentation of how to avoid the "fiscal cliff"? Minus the talking points just answer one question: How much do you have to raise taxes to cover what you want paid for? Numbers, not slogans please.

    Sorry to disagree with you, the election simply maintained the status quo....the status quo the Tea Party set in 2010. Instead of name calling, how about you defeat their arguments. Try that after answering the first question if you would.

  9. I love how the left wants to tell us how to 'win.'

  10. MIke, my point was that Victoria is ALWAYS wrong, she just doesnt get it. She is trapped in this cycle of repeating talking points, supporting the wrong candidates and using political events incorrectly to support her ideology. My taxes should go up 1% as everyones taxes should, including the billionaires hiding money off shore, oh and we should place a 1 cent tax on all stock trades. Yes, Victoria, the left is telling you how to win, because your results have not been favorable. Dudley, Saxton, McCain, Romney and the list of losers you supported goes on and on.

  11. Hi Vote,

    Thanks for putting forward some ideas. Legitimate government functions need to have reliable, adequate sources of incomes either through taxes or fees. I'm no accountant and you can certainly skew numbers to support your arguments, so perhaps it's useful for me to define some boundaries here with some genrally accepted numbers.

    Medicare and Social Security trustees see insolvency for Medicare in 2024 and Social Security in 2034, times of peak usage with fewer workers actually paying into the system. In the early 50's for every beneficiary, there were almost 24 people working to support them. Now it's just over 5 with that number falling behind the baby boomers. For some perspective, the President says he's created 5.5 million jobs since taking office, over 8 million people have gone on social security disability in the same period.

    The current deficit is $1.3 trillion or $1,500 billion dollars. Lifting the Bush era tax cut on the rich garners you about 89 billion in a year, so it is only a drop in the bucket in terms of closing the deficit.

    The unemployment rate is 8% if you just count those on umemployment. If you count the labor size when the President took office, the actual rate is almost 15%.

    The President says he wants a "balanced" approach to close the deficit. So if taxes on the rich are to go up to Clinton era levels, then it only seems fair the President produce a list of cuts for his end of the balance. And I mean real cuts, not phoney cuts in the rate of growth of spending or promised cuts 5-6 years from now. Moral arguments aside, it simple makes no sense to gather in an additional 90 or so billion dollars while you add ten times that amount in new spending. You might as well throw an ice cube into a furnace.

    That's also the biggest argument against the entitlement society...there isn't enough money in the universe to pay for half the country to take out more than they put in (also the best argument against allowing millions of poor, uneducated people to move here). Democrats are going to have produce real jobs, not temporary government jobs or fantasy green jobs.

    Even though I consider myself a working class democrat, I support the Tea Party because they are the only ones talking seriously about holding the line on spending. I ago thinks discrediting a few people discredits the group. Well, you don't have to look far in the democratic party to find rich hypocrites like Kerry and Clinton, nuts like David Wu or Alan Gray, or corrupt ones like Jessie jackson Jr or Ron Wyden, or geniuses like the congressman from South Carolina who thought the island of Guam would capsize if we sent anymore people there.

    Successful bi partisan solutions mean cooperation and acting in good faith, characteristics not enhanced by that usual name calling. The next few months will show who is serious about problem solving as opposed to posturing and pandering for the next election.

    So, is all lost? Not by a long shot. The best way out of this is to grow the economy. In an energy hungry world, our proven reserves are a huge asset we can exploit for our benefit, but your average democrat will not support that.

    So your ideas are worthy of examination, but their is a finite limit as to what you can tax people people before they vote with their feet. There's a reason all those European rock and movie stars live in the US rather than the EU...taxes. Rich liberals like Steve Wozniak and James Cameron are moving to Australia and New Zealand respectively...for tax benefits. They are not alone. If you think Hollywood is going down with ship with Jerry brown in California, I got a bridge you can look at.

    The European model many democrats have longed to emulate is fading before thier eyes. Unemployment in the EU is 11.3 % overall with Spain and Greece hitting 25% and will fall into recession by the end of the year. Can't blame Bush for that.

  12. I already walked away from the republican party a year ago. Give me a party of individual liberty and fiscal restraint.