Saturday, November 03, 2012

Late Hits: Election 2012 Edition

Here are the last ditch 'late hits' from the local campaigns so far:

Oregon Iron Works (rail car maker)  and others who would benefit from extending Loot Rail into Milwaukie buy a hit campaign against the people trying to stop it.
In a laughable piece of graphic theater, the loot rail backers say Ludlow didn't pay his wife what he owed, blamed HIM for Charlotte Lehan (his political foe) removing him from a planning commission, and says he had a lien on his house.

False. Paid his ex wife everything he owed, the lien was satisfied in the 1980's after being put on for mere days and, well, I think you can figure out why Charlotte Lehan--Ludlow's opponent in this race--would want him off a planning commission. And it's exactly the reason why you should vote for him.

Planned Parenthood uses your tax subsidies to help out the campaign of LABOR Commissioner Brad Avakian.
This is supposed to be a non partisan race but Avakian, of course, is a reliable lefty--no matter what is called for in the job.
Still, ponder this: When has Planned Parenthood been in the business of LABOR? Usually they're trying to prevent a woman from going into it.

Mary Nolan is running for Portland City Council against Amanda Fritz. She's seen nearby posing with the President and first lady.

The President has recently been seen next to a porno film king in Portland and the cult leader in Washington so just take that into consideration (Yes, he's stood with some nice people, too)
Nolan must have coughed up some big bucks to do that.
You recognize the name because she's the one we highlight in the show a lot because of the phone message she left for a lobbyist threatening his ... job? life?

And then there's this: This is the way you get light rail shoved down your throats. You say 'no' on the ballot three times and then the builders and backers of light rail flood the zone with money calling people 'bully' and nutty and wrong.
They're wrong. You're right.
For those of you who say 'Well they've already started it, guess there's no fighting it' you've been played. How many unfinished free overpasses are there around here? A few. They've done it before and they can do it again.
Keep fighting.
Look at this chart below from Orestar. As one Clackastani puts it:

Is it a quid pro quo?
This new PAC is sending out personal attack mailers and running TV ads against Ludlow.

It's cold blooded pay back racketeering for the commissioners who paid TriMet the $20 million 4 days before the voters could intervene. 

Is there any doubt this money was promised before they voted to pay TriMet?

Stacy & Witbeck, Milwaukie Light Rail builder
Terrance Arnio , Oregon Iron Works streetcar manufacturer 
Local 48,  labor unions
AFSCME,  public employee unions 

Results :11 records found for the above search criteria
 Tran ID Tran Date Status Filer/Committee Contributor/Payee Sub Type Amount
1396607 View Transaction10/25/2012OriginalFocus on the FutureMark PetersonCash Contribution$500.00
1396612 View Transaction10/25/2012OriginalFocus on the FutureMiscellaneous Cash Contributions $100 and underCash Contribution$100.00
1393910 View Transaction10/24/2012OriginalFocus on the FutureLocal 48 Electricians PAC (4572)Cash Contribution$5,000.00
1393911 View Transaction10/24/2012OriginalFocus on the FutureCitizens for a Prosperous Oregon, Inc.Cash Contribution$5,000.00
1393912 View Transaction10/24/2012OriginalFocus on the FutureMichael BloomCash Contribution$300.00
1393913 View Transaction10/24/2012OriginalFocus on the FutureAFSCME Local 350 Political FundCash Contribution$5,000.00
1393914 View Transaction10/24/2012OriginalFocus on the FutureFred NelliganCash Contribution$125.00
1396060 View Transaction10/24/2012OriginalFocus on the FutureChristine LewisCash Contribution$500.00
1393908 View Transaction10/19/2012OriginalFocus on the FutureTerrance AarnioCash Contribution$5,000.00
1393909 View Transaction10/19/2012OriginalFocus on the FutureStacy and Witbeck, Inc. **Cash Contribution$5,000.00
1396068 View Transaction10/19/2012OriginalFocus on the FutureMiscellaneous Cash Contributions $100 and underCash Contribution$100.0

Don't let the late hits cause you to vote against your own values. Keep fighting.

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