Thursday, November 15, 2012

Move On Gets Involved After Demise of KPOJ

Lib talk radio station KPOJ flipped formats to sports last Friday and the Libs have been spitting tacks ever since. Efforts to get the lib format back on  have been getting lots of help from fellow libs such as Blue Oregon's Kari Chisolm. Now he's asked for and gotten help from the MoveOn.Commies.

Here's their latest:
Dear Portland MoveOn member,

On November 9, Clear Channel, the corporate owners of KPOJ, changed formats from progressive talk to sports. This was done without warning and without explanation.

KPOJ was the very first Air America outlet, launched the national radio show of Thom Hartmann, and for years has been one of the brightest stars in the constellation of progressive talk stations in America.

We believe that this decision by Clear Channel management can be reversed. We can—and will—demonstrate that progressive talk radio in Portland has a dedicated listener base.

We've noticed you're out there listening and calling. We know it's our responsibility to give you the best in local talk radio. We strive to do that everyday. So to KPOJ listeners: Welcome to AM 860 KPAM. We don't bite, we're not nuts, and we actually know what's going on.


  1. "(W)e're not nuts," Prove it.

    1. You're a funny guy. I understand John McAfee is looking for you. He misses his buddy.

  2. no, you are not nuts, but you really dont give the accurate information I need, thanks for the invite, if I need some political entertainment I will turn the dial to 860

  3. Really Victoria? What have you got against the other point of view being aired over the public airwaves? I can understand taking an unprofitable station/format and switching it to something else in an attempt to be more profitable, but that is not the case here. KPOJ has been doing well and making money for Clear Channel and even you cannot tell me with a straight face that another sports talk station will be able to do as well or better.

  4. I miss KPOJ because I like elements of both the right and left side of things. Too much of either one is simply too much of either one.