Friday, November 30, 2012

Mazoltov to New York Senator Ron Wyden on the Birth of His Latest Child

Senator Ron Wyden, who makes his home in New York with his wife and new family, welcomed his latest new progeny, a girl, yesterday.

It's the 63 year old Wyden's third child with his New York based wife, Nancy Bass Wyden. She is the co owner of New York's Strand Bookstore.

The Wydens, married in 2005, came to Oregon to have their third child, Scarlett Willa.

Here are my previous posts about Wyden's residency issues:


  1. Hi Victoria,

    An anchor baby to keep him officially an Oregonian till amnesty is passed.

  2. You two are gross.
    Congratulations Ron.

  3. Hi Daniel,

    How so? That's just the kind of leadership we need right? Just another old rich white guy bending the rules to benefit himself. At least like John Kerry, he didn't steal his wealth from someone else, he did it the old fashioned way...marry someone who did. Maybe he deserve one of those 7.5 million dollar yachts he can forget where he moored to avoid the taxes on it too.

    I don't begrudge his wealth or children, but it's clear he represents Oregon in name only as he doesn't live here. What's gross is his sense of entitlement about not following the rules.

  4. Mike-
    You are perfectly entitled to rant and/or rave about anything you wish (Including John Kerry!?). I just think you should check in with your human side before posting comments regarding someone's newborn that are in universely poor taste.

  5. HI Daniel,

    You certainly seem to have a low threshold for ranting and raving. : ) Sorry I upset you as you must still be getting over all those rude comments about Sarah Palin's child.

  6. Thank you for confirming that you are not a human.