Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Portland Gobsmacker: Protesters Demonstrate in FAVOR of Islamist Christmas Tree Bomber on Anniversary of Event!!

They screamed a furrier out of business, combined anarchy and alchemy in making molotov cocktails in rain drenched lean to's at Occupy Portland and pushed restauranteur out of town because he had the temerity to serve foie gras. And don't even start with me about the pedalphiles who dangle it all in daytime naked man bike rides. You'd think by now the Portland Professional Protester crowd had crossed every line, inserted every evil in a 'hey, hey, ho, ho" chant, beat every drum for peace.  But you'd be wrong. Portland's Professional Protesters have sunk to a new low which needs to be excoriated from the roof tops and repudiated by every elected official who has a shred of common decency left.

KPTV reports last Friday "Portland Peaceful Response Coalition" held a rally of support for the accused Christmas Tree Bomber Mohamed Mohamud. No, that's not the remarkable part. Leftists often have love affairs with bad actors like Che, Mumia, Castro and Stalin to name but a few. No, the real jaw dropper involves where and when they held their protest. Friday, November 23rd saw the Peaceful Response people (which includes EarthFirst! and the Earth and Animal Liberation Front terrorists and every anti Jewish group around) hold their Free Mo Mo event at the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, where, two years before Mo Mo tried to vaporize thousands of people by blowing up a WMD with a cellphone.

Here's what KPTV reports,
Organizers said they will gather at 5 p.m. Friday for a rally called "Free Mohamed Mohamud/End FBI Stings." It will take place near the Pioneer Square tree lighting ceremony, which begins at 5:30 p.m.
Mohamed Mohamud is charged with attempting to ignite a weapon of mass destruction. His trial is scheduled for January.
The defense does not dispute Mohamud's involvement, but they argue the teen, now 21, was entrapped by FBI agents.
Organizers of Friday's rally, Portland Copwatch and the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, said Mohamud needed help emotionally, but instead was helped by the FBI in hatching a phony plot.
Organizers said Mohamud has already spent two years behind bars and should be freed.
This mocking of the safety of the people of Portland should not stand. This attempt to make a man who called his own bomb "beautiful" into a martyr in front of some of the very people he tried to blow up two years ago is absolutely sickening.


  1. we live in a sick world, and I mean that literally. Political correctness is destroying our country as it has many others-I'm not sure what can be done at this point. If you attempt to stand for anything that even remotely appears to favor 'Christianity' or 'Conservatism' you are called hateful and a rascist. I'm certain the devil is dancing...

    1. These people need to be smacked down with a dressing down about decency. Oh, nevermind, that won't work, they have none.

  2. I suspect they kinda enjoy the contempt that most of us feel for them. It's kind of a perverse validation.