Monday, November 19, 2012

PSU's "HAMAS" Club Hosts Jew Hating "Beat Poet"

Portland State University's Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER) (which may as well be called the HAMAS Club) Friday night hosted "Palestinian" anti Jewish/Israel rapper/beat poet Remi Kanazi.

He performed his anti Zionist hit, "Normalize This!" which includes these lyrics:
"No! I don't want to normalize with you [Jews]. I don't want to hug, have coffee, talk it out, break bread, sit around the campfire, eat s'mores and gush about

how we're all the same. I don't want to share the stage, co-write a poem, submit to your anthology and talk about how art – instead of justice – can forge a better path.
Your dialogue group, it's a breeding ground for injustice. Just look at the board members and the ZOA sponsorship. Zionism is a real demographic threat."
Daylight Disinfectant recorded his performance:

How does a guest like this make it on the PSU campus without getting a raised eyebrow from the speech police? Anti Israel-anti Jewish activities are indulged frequently at PSU.  This is, after all, the institution which hosted the anti Israel rap group, "DAM" recently and which considered hiring one of the country's most virulently anti Israel professors, Joel Beinen, to head its Middle Eastern Studies Department.

This is a school which stood by and did nothing when swastikas were scrawled on posters for a pro Jewish event on campus. Who stood by as one of the most notorious anti Jewish speakers, Jamal Badawi, came to campus in the guise of a "family" event.
Daylight Disinfectant

This is the school, after all, that did nothing to reprimand its International Socialist Organization members when they hurled anti homosexual and anti black epithets at a peaceful gathering by Tea Party members on April 15, 2011. This despite proof--on tape!--and multiple complaints by citizens subjected to their name calling.

 This is a public university that gave tax payer funded classroom space for Occupy Portland (and their anti Jewish brethren) to make posters before a planned clash with police in February and giving students credit for it and other Occupy classes under the guise of an 'art' program.

Of Kenazi middle east watcher and friend of Israel, Victor Sharpe, says:
He is everywhere among the anti-Israel and leftist blogs that permeate the web. He makes a lucrative career - no doubt bankrolled by oil rich Arab states - by using “hip hop” and “poetry” to fill the minds of primarily young college students with pernicious falsehoods that appeal to idealistic minds, which so easily fall for the usual emotive but empty slogans like “peace and justice.”
Prof. Wael Elasady with BDS Shirt

Sadly, the falsehoods by Remi Kanazi, the BDS, and other leftist groups are persuasive fodder for such immature and easily swayed minds. He follows the hip hop Arab troupe which poisoned the minds of too many Lincoln High school students. It is not surprising that he appears at PSU.   
During the performance Professor Elasady, teacher of the "Revolutionary Marxism" course (see above course description), arbiter of 'free' speech, 'social justice' and 'equal rights,' tried to kick out reporters who were invited to "an open event."

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