Wednesday, November 07, 2012

ROUT! Voters Decide They Don't Want Dad, They Want the Fun Babysitter

American voters have decided Dad and Mom can stay out all night; they want to hang with the cool babysitter who doesn't care if they stay up late gaming and drinking coke while mainlining Cheetos.

Barack Obama and Slo Joe Biden won another four years and congratulations to them! For the first time during his tenure, President Obama will have no one else to blame but, if past is prologue, it won't be for lack of trying.

Republicans have got a problem. Telling Americans there's no Disneyland trip for spring break isn't going over very well. The kids are on strike.

During this past four years, the President has bought off many constituencies with his "free" handouts.

Cash for Clunkers
HARP, HARP II, First time home buyers giveaways
Solyndrification of the economy
Promises of help with college loans
Virtual amnesty for children of illegal aliens
Food Stamp expansion
Welfare expansion
Jobless benefits expansion

This has gotten him elected. And with each expansion of the government, the individual--the citizen--has gotten smaller.

Now the piper must be paid. The President has no plan to loosen the grip on the economy to grow it. His philosophy is that the economy is a zero sum game, so he's looking to square America's debts on the backs of the people who are the most wealthy (except his friends who will be bailed out on the back end--just watch). These are the people who really do create the jobs. And they'll lay off people to pay for the new burdens.

The estimated $3 Trillion of capital sitting on the sidelines will probably go to another economy. Capital is liquid, after all. Maybe some will come back--if the President comes up with a scheme to pay them off. He's good at that.

People are selling out and moving. They've sold their homes to make themselves less vulnerable to the tax increase and regulatory whims of the left. They've gone to other, more tax friendly, states or have left or are making plans to leave the country. Really. The Dominican Republic is going to be a hot spot for disaffected Americans.

Due to the fiscal cliff, sequester and ObamaCare, Americans will be taxed more.  The fiscal cliff, a combination of higher taxes, forced cuts to military, debt ceiling increases and deficit reduction among other things, will cost most families hundreds to thousands of dollars more per year. See graph near by.

Americans, who have been ravaged by the succession of recessions starting in 2007, will likely have to belt tighten even more due to a new recession that is a predicted fallout from the debt and downgrade. The housing market will necessarily stall out and plunge us into a lost decade.

 To those waking up today to their beatified President: when the glow of victory wears off, we'll still be here, saying the same things about fiscal responsibility. Our message won't change.

The price of electricity due to the war on coal will continue to "skyrocket" in the President's providential words. Gas prices will stay high. Grocery prices will continue to go up due to these stressors. Inflation will set in after 2015 when the phony quantitative easing programs expire.

Our national defense will take a hit. We will have to do more with less. The President promises this even as he has created an even worse vulnerability in Libya, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon because of his disastrous foreign 'policy.' He has lost Egypt and his Ambassador to Libya is dead. He has "put daylight between" us and Israel. He's giving weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria. Iraq is falling into chaos because he couldn't come up with a status of forces agreement.

Ineptitude is the new 'success' apparently.

The public sector union's wholly owned subsidiary, Occupy Wall Street, is on the streets decrying the 1% ers and pretending to stand for the 99%. Congratulations. Thanks to your votes last night, you have assured there will be more 99% ers.

But I have hope. I really do. If the President says he has a plan to get us out of this mess then I'm all ears. I want to hear it. Let us in on the plan, Mr. President!

The blame stops here and now.

Now where can I pick up an Obamaphone? Gotta make a call about a second job. 


  1. Victoria, you lost this election because you failed to provide facts to the public. Your diatribes of political witch hunting is not well received by the american public. I tried to tell you this 6 months ago, you didnt listen. And you lost. You lost. You lost. You lost because your lack of resolve in your party reduced you to repeat talking points provided to you by various organizations with no intelligent analysis. You failed at being a member of the media to provide accurate information to assist the public in making informed decisions. You follow your orders just like a good minion of the billionaires that are represented by the Republican party, and you get to keep your job. However, doesnt it totally suck knowing you had good solid advice you ignored and then you were wrong by ignoring it? I hate it when that happens. Try telling the truth sometime, no drama, no hyperbole, no opinions disguised as fact, try it sometime, maybe you will be a force to alter elections someday. Not this time, though.

  2. Um...didn't provide any facts? What do you mean didn't provide any facts? Is increasing the national debt by over 5 trillion instead of REDUCING it by 5 trillion (as Obama promised) not a fact? Is the information that the unemployment rate has been stagnant and dropped only due to a reduction in available jobs/decrease in labor participation not facts? How about the little piece of info from the CBO that Obamacare isn't going to cost 900 billion but 3 trillion not a fact?

    If these are facts proving failure, then you're either delusional or in denial. Wake up! Stop drinking the MSNBC/NBC/ABC/CBS/CNN koolaid and look for some real journalism, that actually asks the president to answer questions.

    We try telling the truth, we try giving facts - but never try to confuse the deluded with reality.