Thursday, November 08, 2012

Why Do Millenials Vote Democrat?

And don't forget the promise of student loan forgiveness. Works every time.


  1. The "right" is the new wrong. it's over. The country is moving forward.

    1. From Joe the Small Business Guy:
      Dear Mr. Cheese, or is Mr. Hardchesse: Regarding your post on Victoria Taft on the right is the new wrong, and were moving forward…

      You are going to find out very soon, why the right is not the new wrong, and will not be paying for the goodies you want for free. In fact, it has begun as corporations are now laying off after the election. I have talked to three different clients now who can no longer proceed on the transactions they were involved in or working on since Tuesday, as they have either been laid off, or received notification of impending termination of employment. 4 other people are having their hours cut back to the below minimum level of work hours per week, so as to exclude them from full time employment and not make the companies comply with the new rules of full time employment. I am sure when you posted your comments you did it on either your cell phone or computer, and used the internet to post. By the way these are all products developed by evil corporations, that indeed through the cost of research and development and the motive of profit continue to produce products you use to be well whatever it is you are or whatever it is you think you represent... Really my position is if your against all of this why are you wearing clothes, eating food, using computers, toilet paper (I am assuming you do use personal hygiene) and other products produced in the private sector. You surely must be embarrassed by the hypocrisy of your position and the products you use to post or stage your rebellion. Without malice, you should just stop consuming anything by the private sector at all, and then the problem will correct itself in about 4 to 6 weeks assuming you continue to consume rainwater….my very best regards and good luck with that right is new wrong nonsense…it shows just how uniformed, naïve, and well not very connected to reality you come across to anyone who has a very basic intellect…

      PS Good luck on your rebellion…


  2. It certainly isn't moving forward financially.. Hello Greece! Hello Spain! No more Bush to blame now! Oh you'll say its the House of Reps? And by the way...thank God only 1/2 the country is moving.. "forward" as you put it.