Thursday, December 06, 2012

Andy McCarthy: Egyptian Riots And The US Role

Muslim Brotherhood chief turned Egyptian President Morsi has assumed all unquestioned supreme power and hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets again to protest him.

This is what Egyptian democracy looks like apparently.

As Andy McCarthy author of The Grand Jihad and Spring Fever told me yesterday,
"Anybody who tells you they know how this is going to come out is not telling you the truth. We're in uncharted territory here." Hear the rest of my interview with Andy here at 41:45.

The prize for them has always been the constitution. McCarthy suggests reading this analysis of the proposed Egyptian Constitution to get an idea of where the Islamist Morsi wants to take the previously secular country. Getting a hold of the constitution is the precondition for Islamizing the society.
Sign in Egypt by anti Islamists
"The Muslim Brotherhood has taken over the government and set about doing what people like me have been saying for a long time and implementing a plan. And it wasn't because we were great mind readers, we just read what they said. We took them seriously. During the campaign for the Presidency, Morsi said his plan for the constitution of Egypt was 'the sharia, then the sharia and finally the sharia.'"
I told McCarthy about that sign nearby calling out President Obama for failing to stop the Muslim Brotherhood's take over of the formerly secular Egypt. He laughed at the sign--tweeted by blogger Pamela Geller (here)--and said, sadly, the Islamists outnumber the secularists. Morsi, he says, will make sure that the vote on the new constitution will take place on a Saturday, right after the masses have been fired up and ordered to vote at Friday prayers.

Egypt, in other words, hasn't a prayer.

Obama could have stopped it. He didn't.  He's worse than Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter lost Persia, Obama has lost Egypt.

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