Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Congrats St Senator Don Benton! He's Still State Senator Don Benton!

Don Benton has been officially reelected State Senator from SW Washington's 17th District. It should never have  been this close. Voters and taxpayers should be glad that the smart voters outlasted the dumb ones in this race. 
From the Columbian:
Republican state Sen. Don Benton has won his bid for re-election by just 74 votes, according to the outcome of a hand recount performed by the Clark County Elections Department.
According to the unofficial recount results, 27,542 ballots in the 17th District contained votes for Benton while 27,468 ballots contained votes for his challenger, Democrat Tim Probst. Nine ballots are still under review, but they cannot possibly change the outcome of the race.
Prior to the recount, official election results showed Benton with a 78-vote lead over Probst, which is a margin of just one-fourteenth of a percentage point. The recount in their race began on Monday.

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