Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dad Arrested in Case of Pint Sized Carjackers

Happier times. Photo taken in 2008 by KATU for  Family Day Fishing Event
The father of the eleven year old involved in an attempted carjacking over the weekend has been arrested.
According to Portland Police, it's the first time the enhanced gun laws in the City of Portland have been invoked. In this case, police say 34 year old Joseph Charlton left a gun unlocked and available for a child to get his hands on. It's only a misdemeanor, but eventually, Charlton could be charged with a felon in possession of a gun charge. He's previously been arrested for DUII and reckless driving according to court records.
Joseph Charlton
Charlton's four, nine and eleven year old children have been taken into protective custody. The DA's Office is considering charges against the children involved in the carjacking incident. Ironically, the seven and eleven year old involved in the robber/carjacking attempts are too young to be put in juvenile hall UNLESS a judge orders it. Considering the complaints by neighbors and the waving around of a .22 Derringer by the eleven year old, going to juvie might be a blessing.

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