Thursday, December 06, 2012

Gay Couples in Washington Can Toke Up And Get Married

King Co Instruction on Same Sex Unions
At the stroke of midnight today, homosexual Washingtonians became eligible to marry each other. Couples being coached by King County officials last night (see photo) were told they could apply for licenses and the first ceremonies could begin taking place on December 9th after a three day waiting period.

The road to same sex unions has been a rocky one in Washington. Twice the voters have turned it down, but the lawfare crowd and law makers have gone around voters to bring it about. They won.

The media have seized upon any positive news surrounding the gay union stuff, reporting that it will be a boon to Washington State's finances--as if a few million in tourist dollars in the till actually makes up for this collective slide away from traditional marriage as set up by the world's religions. King County flung its doors open to welcome gay couples apply for licenses at midnight as if it were a party. It couldn't wait, apparently, for 9am the following day. They had to make a statement.

This represents a profound change in the way marriage has been set up by Judeo Christian culture not to mention anthropology, biology and theology. For people of faith, the move is a frightening turn toward self and away from God. It inculcates a sin into law. It's 30 pieces of silver.

Undoubtedly, the same sex unions will now be taught as normal behavior in Washington schools. Sex ed will never be the same (check out the Little Black Book with tips on gay sex) but so too social studies. Can't wait to see the word problems in math class in five years.  

These are the facts. Christians and other people of faith will, continue to preach that living in the homosexual lifestyle is sin just as churches preach about other sins. We're all sinners. But generally you don't embed the law with things God has said are sinful. Washington voters have full facedly done that. 

Sadly, as surely as night follows day, preaching against sin from the pulpit will be met with lawsuits, shaming and being cut off from secular society. Pastors will have to meet a test--do you or do you not perform gay marriage ceremonies?--in order to offer prayer at school events such as Baccalaureates. It'll happen. Supposed Human Rights Commissions will hear testimony against pastors who have the temerity to say gay marriage is a sin. It'll happen. It's already happened in the Netherlands and Britain and it will happen here, give it time. 

The Soon-to-be-Smoky Room
My gay friends know my beliefs. Some agree, others not so much, but we love and respect one anothers' opinions.

As I have done for years now, I will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with my gay and libertarian friends in the Tea Party as we fight to stop spending our country into bankruptcy.

I will acknowledge that marriage is an issue best left to the states.

Washingtonians have voted. Render Caeser his dinarus.

At the same time couples became eligible to marry under Washington law, citizens also became eligible to get high while getting married. Voters approved an initiative allowing adult citizens to possess one ounce of marijuana for recreational use. Backers were giving interviews near the midnight deadline last night with reporters, one of whom sent out this picture via twitter. 


  1. As the bible says.. two men found to be sleeping in the same bed should be stoned...

  2. Hey 70,
    Please tell me about Jesus and this verse to which you allude.

  3. Supposed to be a joke.. so sorry it wasn't received that way but...Leviticus 20:13
    If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.

  4. You already know about Jesus who am I to tell you about him?

  5. Do you follow these rules from Leviticus as well?
    Leviticus 7:18. It was an abomination to eat sacrificial flesh three or more days after the sacrifice was made.
    Leviticus 11:10-12, 20, 23, 41. Anything in the sea that lacked fins and scales; eagles, ossifrages (vultures), and ospreys; fowls and any other flying things that have four feet (?); anything that creeps upon the earth on more than four legs; and anything that goes on its belly are ‘abomination’ (= not edible). (Zechariah 9:7 refers to this rule.)