Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Grain Exporters Prepare for Lock Out and Violence by Union.

There's no word yet on whether NW Grain Shippers will lock out local stevedores now that there's been a contract talk impasse. Armed guards have been placed on tug boats, back up boats are secured to keep the grain moving and replacement workers have been put on stand by to keep the grain moving from Pacific Northwest ports to the Far East. This follows the overwhelming rejection (93%) of a contract offer by grain shippers to the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) this week.

Violence is expected. As the Zero points out here, "

"...[S]ome pilots who steer giant vessels express worries for their safety." The Coast Guard has declared a 'safety zone' and armed guards have been put on boats to keep violent union workers at bay.
Occupy Portland anarchists have previously shut down the Ports on ILWU's behalf and the Export Grain Terminal in Longview was the scene of sabotage, violence against security personnel and cops, hostage taking of guards and a variety of other misdemeanors and felonies in the past 18 months.

Employers are trying to modernize the ports but those time and labor saving ways of doing things means less work for longshoremen. ILWU wants more money and assurances for members. The rejected deal reportedly would have given union members a raise to $34/hour with $30 each hour in benefits. It also called for operators to have more say in firing workers. It also called for an end to work stoppages.

The union has complained to President Obama's union friendly National Labor Relations Board.


  1. "A lockout and demonstrations could turn violent, judging by confrontations a year ago"
    wow, thats quite a leap from " Violence Expected" Once again. Victoria blowing an unneeded exaggeration, lying again. You will continue to lose all elections unless you start telling the truth Victoria.

  2. Hi vote,

    The headline for this is more likely "longshoreman kill goose that laid the golden egg". Previous violence aside, these guys have cost all of us millions of dollars in a fight over two union jobs.....with an evil corporation? No, another union.

    This is where the deomcratic coalition meets it's waterloo. Kitzhaber's natural anti corporate bias versus the need for their money to fund his programs. The need for "green" versus "green spaces". He wasn't able to act before, probably not now. So much for government managing the economy for the greater good.