Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Grotto Vandalism is Real War on Christmas

St. Joseph with Baby Jesus; Sans Heads
The most profoundly sad anti Christmas/anti Christian attack occurred at Portland's venerable Grotto on Friday. Sadly, not one peep from our politically correct leaders has been forthcoming. Had this been an attack, let's say, on the beloved  "Q"ueer Center, we'd have a blue ribbon panel looking into it right now. If this had been an attack on a Mosque, Mayor Sam Adams would have held a news conference outside the night it was discovered.

Attacks on Christians and Christian icons are apparently not worth responding to.

The expensive Carrara marble statues depicting St. Joseph holding the baby Jesus and, elsewhere St. Mary watching over a cemetery, were beheaded Thursday night, the heads stolen. The "heavenly host" --Angels-- were also vandalized nearby.

The baby Jesus head was found in a dumpster in the back of a nearby Travel Lodge Motel.  Jesus' eyes were scratched out. St. Mary's head was found--as if on a pike--on a post outside of the Grotto.
Holy Mother /Head found As If On Pike Outside Grotto

Father Jack Topper told me (link here; interview starts at 34:10):
We're preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the statues that are vandalized are those very ones.
That is as close as he would allow himself to talk about this as being an attack on Christians or Christmas. I am making that assertion. Father Jack continued:
This is It's one of those sad, very sad things. That when you come to something like this you understand what vandalism really means because it's so senseless, there's no meaning to it. If someone had stolen the whole statue and tried to sell it, it would have made more sense but with this--there is nothing at all. 
He has nothing but sympathy now for the person or persons who attacked the Grotto:
I'm getting over my anger. I'm feeling sorry for the person or persons who did this and hope they recognize how much they've hurt so many people because we've had such a response from so many Oregonians who love the Grotto dearly and feel that they themselves have been vandalized.
Now there's the battle with the insurance company. The statues were worth tens of thousands of dollars. Father Jack says he doesn't know if the statues can be fixed. And the recovered heads they found are a real mess:
There are chips on the nose and the side of the face
interestingly enough..strange...the eyes of Jesus, it looks like lines, it looks like they scraped the eyes of Jesus.
Hey, bad guy/s, He saw you.

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