Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jefferson Smith and Other Anti Gun Nuts Spout Off About Clackamas Town Square Mall Shooting

Former Mayoral candidate and Bus Project community organizer Jefferson Smith's alter ego twitter account (using his dog's name "George Bailey" of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington fame) doubles down on stupid by saying Bob Costas was right.
About what? "Gun Culture" in the NFL?

People like Smith believe people shouldn't be able to defend themselves against mall shooters. We're supposed to be good little targets and let the 'smarter than us' people like, say, Mr. Suspended License "protect us."

The Nation's editor uses the crazed gunman's action to suggest that if we just cut down on guns we'd have fewer people killed. I think all liberals should give up their guns first. Let's start with Ed Schultz.

The bike enthusiast who calls attention to the pedestrians killed on Oregon roads appears to be likening being hit by cars the same as being hit with a bullet. He might have a point there. But why do I get the feeling he wants to ban both?


  1. Reportedely 10,000 shoppers present. This begs the question where were the knights of the carry and conceal crowd? Running or hiding like everyone else?

  2. iago, I am pretty sure that with most malls, it is a "Gun Free Zone". Meaning that only the person doing the shooting will be armed because the law abiding person with a CHL will obey the law and not carry when the property states to not allow firearms.

    Remember, when seconds matter, the police are only minutes away.