Friday, December 14, 2012

UPDATED! Mall Shooting Aftermath: Good Guys Carry Guns in "Gun Free" Zone

Clackamas Town Center was a gun free zone.

A killer knew that and gunned down two people, wounded another and then took his own life. He terrorized 10 thousand people in the mall, and tens of millions more around the country.

Photo by Michael Pliska
Today Clackamas Town Center reopened. But the old rules--only ever followed by the law abiding--are now opened to question. This shopper certainly thinks that.

We need to rethink these gun free zones.

Listen to this interview with John Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime for the numbers on mass shootings like that which happened at Clackamas and at the school in Connecticut. It's an eye opener.

I went to Clackamas Town Center to do A LOT of Christmas shopping today. Every sales person was greeted with a, "How are YOU doing?" I hope I wasn't too cloying. In the perfume area of a major department store, I commiserated with a couple of salespersons. One woman just blurted out, "We live in a fallen world."

She was so right.

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