Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mall Shooting: More Details Emerge on Good Guy With Gun

This from Kacey Montoya at KOINLocal6, who gets these new details: Nick Meli talked to cops at scene, tried to call 9-1-1 but it was busy.


  1. HI Victoria,

    More info here about the conflicts he felt in this situation, all of them completely valid; but I'm a little troubled by his comment the police talked to him at he scene. Since Meli was close to the gunman and focused on him, he is a key witness and I would have thought they would have done a video reenactment of where he was and what he did to put things into context in the mall. Not everything is caught on video.

    With Roberts dead, there seems little need to keep those details of the investigation in secret and confirm Meli's recollections.

  2. Hi Victoria,

    A reliable source at the Clackams County SO tells me that Meli an be seen pointing his gun at Roberts in the same frame. From that angle, it does not appear that Roberts looked at him and the backdrop appears clear for him to have shot.

    However, the high stress and adrenaline dump people undergo in these enounters alters your percptions in terms of space and time, so Meli may not have realized he had a clear shot he was comfortable with.

    My advice to Meli is to let the SO speak for him and stay away from the media.

  3. Do you still think this should be a big national news story Mike?

  4. Hi Believe,

    Depends on what you believe "big" is. It's certainly an important part of this story. Had Meli shot him to prevent more deaths it would certainly be an interesting contrast to what happened in Newtown where the only defense was using their own bodies. Had his gun not malfunctioned, the dubious distinction of the worst mass murder might have been ours. I'm sure you've been in that mall, imagine what you would have done if you heard shots ring out with no idea where they were coming from or who was safe. Hundeds of people fleeing in every direction because they have no other choice.

    Meli's courage is not part of the political debate over gun control, it stands alone on it's own merit and deserves recognition.

  5. Two weeks since the crime and the Clackamas County Sheriff still has not revealed how many shots were fired, whether Mr Meli interrupted the killer, nor even confirmed the type of firearm the criminal used.

    What would happen to the new bills pushed by Ginny Burdick and Ceasefire Oregon, if it was revealed that only seven shots were fired and that we are indeed made safer by citizens with concealed handgun licenses?

    Is the Sheriff sandbagging information until after the Legislative session opens? Perhaps some reporters could help here.