Monday, December 03, 2012

Obama Takes Control of GOP? GOP Continues Purge of Conservatives

From RedState:
Earlier today, we provided a list of those who made it onto the Super A committees.  Well, Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ) is a conservative freshman member who was actually kicked off the Financial Services Committee.  Members are rarely kicked off committees unless there is a scandal.
David Schweikert is one of those 2010 freshmen who is actually a Tea Partier in deed as well as rhetoric.  While many freshmen folded under the pressure from leadership, Schweikert was actually removed from the Whip team because of his conservative dissent during the budget battles.
Why would there be a purge of conservatives by GOP leadership? Is Obama running the party now? Or are Tea Party folks just too intent on stopping the spending for the mainstream GOP's taste? 


  1. My advice: leave the GOP. Just leave. Form a third party and have at it. Of course, you'd also be ringing the death knell for the Republican Party and guaranteeing center-left governance for the foreseeable future.

    Face it -- everywhere but the deep south and in some mountain states, the "Tea Party" is far too right wing to form any sort of governing collation, and your outrage of Rep Schweikert's (R-Loonyville) removal is solid proof of this. When reasonable Republicans (both of them) refuse to merrily, hand-in-hand, walk the plank, your hair catches fire and the gnashing of teeth begins.

    So, two choices: Stay in the GOP, insist on nominating the Atkins and Murdocks of the world, and keep the Tea Party poison surging through its veins until The Republican Party dies a slow, bitter death.

    Or, slit its throat, put it out of its (and our) misery, and then enjoying playing the minority party for as long as you like -- we'll even cheer you on. Ah, sweet irrelevance!

    Either way is fine with me.

  2. Hi James,

    You seem to ahve a very interesting definition of "reasonable". It evidently allows you to accept Hillary Clinton holding seances for Eleanor Roosevelt in the White House or lying in her autoboigraphy about getting shot at in Sarajevo in exchange for free health care. You have no problem with rich white guys like Kerry, Rockefeller, and a host of others calling for higher taxes while paying less themselves as long as you get amnesty for illegal aliens. Or putting scientific decisions on climate change that will impact billions of poor people in the hands of a congressman who thought the island of Guam would capsize if more people were sent there. Not to mention, Mel Reynmolds who lost his congressional seat over having sex with a 14 year old girl has just filed to run for Jesse Jackson Jr's empty seat. The Democratic bench is pretty deep.

    The ultimate problem for you is regardless of a few bad apples, the Tea party reflects the views of the proucers and the middle class while the Democratic party has become a coalition of victims and advocates and politicians who exploit them. That coalition will not survive the necessay economic reset that is happening now. But the good news for you is that thanks to Kitzhaber, you have alternative to slitting your own throat.

  3. Until Republicans across the country and in Washington decide to stop catering to the Tea Party and their views that are out of step with the American people, they will continue to lose national and state wide elections.

    The Tea Party is responsible for the credit rating being downgraded for the first time in American history.

    The Tea Party is responsible for the sequester that they are all complaining about now. The debt ceiling has always been raised as a matter of business in Congress, until the Tea Party decided that it would be a better idea to shut down the government than to pay for the spending that Congress had already authorized.

    The Tea Party caused the Republicans to lose 8 or 9 Senate seats in the past two years. They caused the Republicans to go to the far right on women's issues and on immigration in the past election and caused Romney to lose by 125 electoral college votes.

    60% of Americans support higher taxes on the wealthy and not cutting services for the poor and middle class to give more tax cuts to the rich. 67% of Americans don't want Medicare turned into a voucher system or the cut.

    The Republicans can follow the Tea Party off the cliff and continue to lose elections, or they can try to remember where the middle is and do what the American people say in every poll they support. It's their choice.

  4. Hi Hard Cheese,

    Your memory is as faulty as Jame's. Evidently you don't remember Senator Obama calling President Bush's raising the debt limit as "unpatriotic" just a few years ago or Nancy Pelosi claiming when she became Speaker that all legislation would be "pay as you go".

    It was President Obama that walked away from the debt limit talks after Boehner gave in to his revenue demands, then he doubled them.

    I got news for you, polls or no, what people want or no, the budget cuts will affect those people because over 60% of federal spending is on entitlements and 40% of all federal spending is on borrowed money. The rich don't have the money to finance your wishes. Taxes on everyone will go up....till those who pay the bills get fed up.

    You and James can continue to believe that amnesty, abotion on demand, and free contraceptives are centrist issues, but you go right ahead off that and any sane person is stoppng at the edge.

    Since I suspect that you and James are white male public employees, I hope your prepared for the future. Kitzhaber is going to cut your benefits and contract out most non management state jobs to have the money for his other constituencies by the end of his next term. Once he gets amnesty, he doesn't really need you guys anymore for'll get to see what your real value is compared to a salmon and how a GM bond holder feels after a court breaks his contract. Just keep believing in government rather than your own ability to think critically. But at least you'll have George Bush to blame. : )

  5. The Grand Old Party is forced to make progress.
    The Tea Party should be independent of the Republican party anyway, serving their loyal minority constituants. (Just like the Green Party)

  6. I think constitutional values, smaller government, and allowing people to keep more of the fruits of their labors are perfectly reasonable desires. The Tea Party, therefore, makes the most sense of any of the political parties. Why do you hate constitutional values, smaller government and allowing people to keep more of their money,Mr Cheese?

  7. Hi Victoria,

    It's quite simple Victoria, Mr Cheese and all of his doppelgangers are public employees whose livelyhood depened on more government. They hate you and the Tea Party simply because those values strike at the heart of their beleif system. The idea that the democratic party supports the middle class outside of government workers (Oregon's middle class) is preposterous. Historically in this country, being middle class meant being independent from the need for government beyond basic services. In the welfare state, no one is middle class because everything is controlled and regulated by government...supposedly in your best interest. With the exception of DJ and Dave Arpell, none of them have been been able to defend their position beyond cliches and hating the odd Republican.

    The ironies are delicious as the programs they espoused to empower and raise people up have only shackled and trapped them in a system of failed public schools, failed schemes to control the economy, and failing to provide the most basic services such as and public safety. The collapse of that system is already happening in California, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Most ironic of all is that the man most repsonsible for the system here in Oregon, John Kitzhaber, will be the man overseeing it's demise. There is no more aptly named PAC as the public emplyee front "Our Oregon". Not anymore.

  8. Meanwhile Jim DeMint purges himself and pulls a Palin by quitting during his term of office. Must be his Waterloo. Elections have consequences. Good riddance.

  9. Hi Rhubarb,

    Another problem solver.....already enjoying your legal marijuana? How long before you can buy it with your Washington EBT card? Funny, you didn't seem to think elections have consequences in must have been out of the country. Just put it on your refrigerator for 2014.

  10. DeMint's appointment to the Heritage Foundation is another sad chapter in the decline of the Heritage Foundation, which began as a think tank for intellectual conservatism, and is descending to the level of an arm of the Tea Party. At least DeMint will be out the Senate, which could only have positive consequences for bipartisan government.