Friday, December 21, 2012

Obamaconomy Has Turned Our Kids Into Couch Surfers and Hobos

We're losing a huge swath of a generation of kids because they can't fend for themselves, find jobs, and are constantly set back by a horrible economy. A New York Times article sounds the alarm about the kids ending up on the street but gives short shrift to the bad economy and instead highlights a new government plan to "help" the situation it created.
"Across the country, tens of thousands of underemployed and jobless young people, many with college credits or work histories, are struggling to house themselves in the wake of the recession, which has left workers between the ages of 18 and 24 with the highest unemployment rate of all adults."

But the White House plans to spend money on an "initiative" to help.
"The Obama administration has begun an initiative with nine communities, most of them big cities, to seek out those between 18 and 24 who are without a consistent home address. New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Cleveland and Boston are among the cities included in the effort"
What? How about a  plan that doesn't over regulate and over tax the job creators? My contention is that if we had a better economy these kids would be have a better shot at getting a job and take care of themselves, but we don't seem to be seeing much leadership on that issue. Instead the President demonizes job creators and calling for higher taxes on them. He overregulates with the likes of EPA diktats and Obamacare.

What about Mom and Dad letting the boomerang generation come back home?
Those who can move back home with their parents — the so-called boomerang set — are the lucky ones. But that is not an option for those whose families have been hit hard by the economy...[emph mine]
Mom and Dad are un or under employed themselves and can't afford the house with a basement where the grown up kids can cloister.
They admit it isn't just a youth problem--it's a systemic problem. 
This is the Obama Economy. Where's the blame? Where's the call for more efforts to grow jobs?  Check out this laughable paragraph:
Those who provide services to the poor in many cities say the economic recovery has not relieved the problem. “Years ago, you didn’t see what looked like people of college age sitting and waiting to talk to a crisis worker because they are homeless on the street,” said Andrae Bailey, the executive director of the Community Food and Outreach Center, one of the largest charitable organizations in Florida. “Now that’s a normal thing.” [emph added]
This is the new normal.

Not only have so called leaders spent extravagantly and sent the bill to our kids, our kids won't have jobs to pay for the added expenses. The reliance on government programs will only grow worse.

Some of the comments I got about this yesterday include people with two bedroom homes housing five adults, three of whom had just moved in.

Heck victoria, kids back going to psu and pcc. We have 5 adults living in our 2 bedroom vermont hills home. Lucky we have an 'obama era' daylight basement.

Makes me feel fortunate that I can live on my own and have a decent place. But it's depressing when I barely make it by. I never can get ahead and that's what's so depressing about this economy for our generation. My roommate and I both have college degrees so you'd think we could have our own houses, but we have to split a tiny old apartment. Makes me even more depressed that it doesn't look like its getting better! Makes me worried for my son when he grows up!

I hired a 21YO for a FT position in Nov. On day 1 she gave me a list of 15 days she wouldn't be in thru Dec.


  1. It amuses me to see someone who does live reads for the Portland Rescue Mission use the term 'hobo'. Love you VT.

  2. so funny!! apparently you missed the part of those kids story that blames Bush for their problems. oh wait that part wasnt written. I am sure I can find something that blames Bush in just as rediculous of fashion as this story does. its too bad Victoria is so unable to recognize her own deficiency in emotional health to see that she keeps making the exact mistake over and over again. maybe she can get some medication from her Republican doctor to help her out.

  3. thanks guys! wonderful to have you both avoid the issue, but, then again, what would I expect?

  4. Obama has presided over the worst economy since the depression. He's gotten everything he wanted from Congress, TARP II, STIMULUS, APPROPRIATIONS, BAIL OUTS,cash for cronies, cars buy outs, first time home owner buyouts, buyouts of buyouts. His policies have made things worse. This should be to his shame. Once again, liberals say more free money will solve the problem. I tell you this: you rob people of their dignity when you throw money at them and by doing so, tell them they don't have to do anything for themselves. Ronald Reagan was right when he said, the greatest social program is a job.

  5. Hi Vote and Believe,

    Never fear, the Bush card will always be in play for left wingers that can't take responsibility for their actions. The recession officially ended in June, 2009. $4.5 trillion stimulus to bring the unemployment down to 7.8%. GM is in such good shape that it will buy back the 200 million shares the government bought at $53.00 for $27.50...another $8 billon lost. The President is willing to drive us over the fiscal cliff to gain $89 billion dollars a year in new revenue supposedly to reduce the 1300 trillion dollar annual deficit while proposing 110 billion in new spending.

    What could possibly go wrong? The good news is that there are fewer 1%ers and we are no longer selling out debt to Red China, but to ourselves. I'm sure Warren Buffet is good for it.

    Have you ever wondered why there is no real ground swell of people demanding jobs? Once a month The President, our governor, and our mayor, lament the lack of jobs and they will not rest till everyone in America has a job that wants one. Then back to sleep with the press for another 30 days.

    The key word being wants one. Progressives fundamentally believe that labor is inherently oppressive unless you work for government where there are no real expectations of getting things done. Just as long as you can provide subsidized housing, food, entertainment, medical care, and housing, why work?

  6. It would be unfair to criticize Bush for the recession since his leaving office. His administration did plunge us into the abyss. But he is not responsible for the cancer on the GOP known as the Tea Party. Nor is he responsible for GOP obstruction or its hatred for Obama that has led the GOP to attack the economic recovery for political gain. Despite GOP chicanery the economy has improved under Obama. We are in danger of re-starting the recession by GOP wrongheadedness in addressing the Financial Cliff. Although the GOP is disintegrating before our eyes, let there be no doubt, it not Bush, will be blamed for going over the financial cliff.