Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Scanner Confirms Cops Responded to Clackamas Town Center Shooter With Poise and Professionalism

From the moment of the first report of a "active shooter" at Clackamas Town Center, it took Sheriff's officials less than three minutes to arrive, set up a command center, arrange for back up and begin to set a perimeter to keep the bad guy inside. Fifty seven seconds after that, the first sniper showed up.

Within four minutes the Clackamas County Sheriff's command had a description of the shooter and the first "hunting cell" of tactical officers inside and beginning the clearing of the mall.

 The poise with which the deputies Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputies handled themselves is confirmed by their own scanner activity which even CNN was monitoring and posted on their website. See and hear it below.

There were only a few times when some confusion occurred during the 22 minutes between the first dispatch and finding the shooter, dead, of a self inflicted gunshot. The confusion centered on eye witness accounts of possible multiple shooters, reports that were chilling when--mere moments after finding the initial shooter dead--authorities were told of a barricaded door at the store Justice.

I spoke to one of the people behind the barricaded door. Barbara told me they spent more than an hour praying, texting and calling family members, and wondering if they'd get out alive. When the cops arrived and asked them to open the door, the manager of the store demanded to see his ID before letting them in.

The scanner reflects a near flawless execution of mutual aid from nearby municipalities. Cops from Milwaukie, West Linn, Portland Police Bureau, Gladstone, Oregon State Police--and even the feds---arrived on scene in the first few minutes. Cops from other jurisdictions covered the day to day calls for Clackamas County Deputies deployed to the shooting.

They authorities handled the clearing of the mall despite the bodies of two victims laying on the ground outside the JC Penneys and Macys. A security guard was giving CPR to another victim in front of the Best Buy store.

By minute 14, authorities knew of the bodies, found shell casings and found a fully loaded magazine for the shooter's weapon. On the scanner the officer indicates the gun had jammed.

By minute 22 the shooter was found, with his hockey mask and gun, dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound. At that point the hunt for more victims commenced with the possibility of more shooters out there. 

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  1. Be careful with the praise. These guys are union members.