Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SLAPPing Back at Hide the Decline Global Warmist Michael Mann. "Free Speech Denier"

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, columnist Mark Steyn and the National Review have struck back at Penn State man made global warming guru Michael Mann and his lawsuit against them. 

Baker Hostetler attorney David Rivkin has filed a motion to dismiss Mann's libel lawsuit against the group under DC's Anti SLAPP (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation) law.

“It’s ironic that an advocate of global warming is trying to freeze debate on this issue," said Sam Kazman, CEI General Counsel.  "Michael Mann likes to use the term ‘denier’, but in this case he himself is the free-speech denier.”  

The group declared Mann intentionally left out a period of data in his infamous hockey stick graph which he contended demonstrated a dramatic rise in temperatures. He left out a period of declining temperatures, thus making his graph look more dramatic. See the explanation in the "Hide the Decline" video below. 

The group also faulted the scientific community which "investigated" Mann's data irregularities and claims it papered over his missteps. In the lawsuit they call for a more thoroughgoing examination of Mann and his work. 

The group claims Mann actually admits he suffered no real harm from their investigation of his work but filed a lawsuit anyway. Rivkin says this is a nuisance lawsuit meant to harass and shut up his detractors. 

Rivkin says this lawsuit isn't about global warming or which side is right, it argues that the First Amendment covers controversies over scientific argument. 

It is ironic that a man whose tenure gives him academic cover to say and study  just about anything he wants, does not want people who disagree with him to have that same right.

See the counter lawsuit below.

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