Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Street Kids "Gutter Snipes" Attack Downtown Food Cart Pod

Cell Phone Footage from KATU
"We have problems, the street kids are down here every day, panhandling and when people don't give them change, they call them names, threaten them."
When one of the owners of a food cart at 2nd and SW Stark called police about vandalism to one of their gas lines, street kids hit back, surrounding two of the cart owners and drew knives.

"Lefty," one of the cart owners told KATU,
"It was like walking through a blender. All of them had knives. And they attacked us. It was like a bad movie."
No one was seriously hurt--except the feeling of safety in the City of Portland.


  1. I think it is the policy of the city to nip no buds before full maturity.

  2. A "feud"? Again the city forces law abiding citizens to fend for themselves. The gutter trash will be out stepping up their violence & harming small business. It is way past time for this city to deal more realistically (harshly) with the "homeless youth" causing most of the crime in downtown....