Sunday, December 16, 2012

Victor Sharpe: Does Evil Stalk The World?

Does evil stalk the world?
Of course it does: It always has and it is an integral part of our history as human beings.
The ferocious display of death within the animal kingdom is primarily undertaken to fulfill the need to find food in order to survive. In humans however there are hatred and xenophobic instincts that require horrific slaughter, not for food but for supremacy of one clan, tribe or nation over another; be it for territory or for the supremacy of one faith or ideology over another.
History is replete with ghastly and gruesome examples of massacre, war and genocide and each century over the last 2,000 years has been more bloody and horrendous than the previous one.
So we are transfixed in horror at the latest atrocity, this time in an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, where twenty innocent children were murdered along with six adults.
The writer and owner of the famous blog, Ruthfully Yours, points out the irony that, “… in Newtown was the home of Fairfield State Hospital, which was a psychiatric hospital … which operated from 1931 until 1995. At its peak the hospital housed over 4,000 patients. It was set on beautiful and rolling hills, and the patients were housed in lovely and well maintained old brick buildings which rivaled any of the famous Ivy League campuses.”
But following the de-institutionalization movement, which left so many of America’s mentally ill homeless and in the streets of America, we now reap what the so-called experts in government and mental health sowed.
It would be appropriate to point to a remarkable and prescient book written by Rael Jean Isaac and Virginia C. Armat in August 2000 titled:
We must also consider the role of the media for it covers at inordinate length

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