Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Where's Media Coverage of Hero Who Likely Stopped More Carnage at Clackamas Town Center?

Where's the national coverage for a hero who likely stopped more killings at the Clackamas Town Center? I'll tell you where, conveniently stuffed, that's where. And that's because he pulled out his politically incorrect Glock 22, pointed it at the gunman, and the next person the gunman likely shot was himself.

As Nick Meli told KGW:
"I know after he saw me I think that the last shot he fired was the one he used on himself.'

It seems to me to be a natural secondary follow up story to the shooting stories from last week. But that would be an inconvenient fact to the national news

media falling all over themselves discussing gun bans instead of how guns can save and have saved lives.

Although law enforcement wouldn't divulge Nick Meli's version of events to The Victoria Taft Show, the Zero got a confirmation.
Authorities confirmed Monday that Meli was seen during the incident, gun drawn, near the entrance to Macy's inside the mall.
This must have been particularly galling to the woman reporter who knocked on Meli's door at 7:30 yesterday morning. Meli told me via facebook:
I didn't speak with her only told her to leave and that I'm annoyed with people coming to my house, I could tell she was anti guns just buy [sic] her question "we want to know why you had a gun in a gun free zone" 
That's a great opening question. The guy saves possibly dozens of lives and she asks him why he brought a gun to the mall.

Meli told me:
...Outta sight outta mind, not one person in that mall knew I had that on me until it was needed.
Of course, as you read here he's not the only packing at the mall these days.

While the news media fall all over themselves "covering" Di Fi's warmed over "assault" weapons ban, the story about the trained, even tempered concealed weapons license holder who pulled his own gun --but didn't shoot--and saved possibly dozens of lives is yet unknown by the rest of the country.


  1. Wrong!! always wrong Victoria, when are you going to give up, the gunman never reacted to this man, 5 witness statements said the guy the pulled the gun out was never even noticed by the gunman. When will you just ever stop? its disgusting to see you lying all the time. I mean we can literally go down every post on your blog and prove its wrong. At least your consistent.

    1. For everyone's sake here's a head's up: The vote guy up there just made that whole story up about "five witness statements." There are no such witness statements released or in existence. He is so upset that a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun and is a hero here that he just couldn't handle it and made it up. Stop lying, "vote for," you douche.

  2. Hi Vote,

    I'd like to see that, it would be a nice change for the ususal accusatory blather. Why don't you just try facts, vote. Good lord, you won and your still frothing at the mouth.

    Perhaps PoOR student could get a federal grant to study the issue as the revolution doesn't seem to be going his way. Hmmmmm, "we can literally go down every post". Your multiple personalities showing?

    What five witnesses were those? Were they named in the newspaper or shown on TV? But we do know that other witnesses saw him doing what those other 10,00 people couldn't. Whether he shot or not, his instincts to defend others was laudable and should be. It's no wonder he doesn't want anymore exposure.

  3. The part where the gunman saw him and decided to stop his rampage is not corroborated by witnesses.
    "I know after he saw me I think that the last shot he fired was the one he used on himself."
    Is that the sole quote we are using as a basis for his 'heroism' here? That sounds like internet glurge to me. This 'story' belongs in an email chain letter, not the national media.

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