Friday, January 04, 2013

Bernie Giusto: Oregon's New Motorcyle Law

Oregon lawmakers passed a new statute that begins this month requiring motorcycle riders under the age of 51 to complete a "government approved motorcycle safety course" before they can get a motorcycle endorsement for their operator's license.  

And if you don't? It could be a $720.00 mistake.  If you complete the training course and get the 

endorsement within 120 days of the sentencing the State of might reduce the fine. That's right, Oregon is looking out for you because the statute says that, "the court should reduce the fine".  Which of course means nothing because "should" is no better than "may" and certainly is not "shall". 

Could be an expensive ride.

I wonder if that means that current endorsements are grandfathered or if every "renewal" endorsement will need to be preceded with a "government approved safety course". 

Bernie Giusto is the retired Sheriff of Multnomah County, former Gresham Police Chief and former OSP Trooper and a member of the Victoria Taft Blog Force.


  1. Current riders are grandfathered in. I got my endorsement at the age of 17 (I'm 24 now), and at the time it was required that anyone under 21 years had to have completed an approved course (Team Oregon). Since then every couple of years they've been raising the required ages. Every year or two it bumps up to a bigger age group by 10 years. So for instance, before this 51 year thing started this year, last year it was 41 and under, and before that 31 and under, etc.

    Unless something drastically changes in the future, it is not required for you to do another riders course each time you renew your license and endorsement.