Thursday, January 31, 2013

Block Buster from Clackamas County: Commission Votes to Stop Light Rail at Sellwood

As Jim Pasero revealed to you on the program today, the Clackamas County Commission has voted to send Tri Met a letter asking 'How the heck do we stop this light rail train at Tacoma?' 

Leftist Martha Schrader must be reading the tea leaves. Kurt Schrader's ex wife who was handed her seat on the Commission, joined Paul Savas, Tootie Smith and Chair Jim Ludlow in passing a measure to find out how to halt the budget sucking light rail. 

Jim Bernard voted 'no.'

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  1. Hi Victoria,

    This is just the first step in a process. Fortunately, the fiscal insanity of this is finally starting to sink into the collective mind that none of the partners in this have even figured out how to pay for this. Tax payers aren't going to pay more, they already stole the corporate kicker, less money for education, and it may even dawn on SEIU and AFSCME that this debt undermines their livelyhood as well.

    Next is the CRC and then sweeping METRO onto teheash heap of history. Long live the Clackastani Rebellion.