Friday, January 25, 2013

PART 1 Bruce McCain: Oregon Political Mystery Solved: Who Is Cameron Elizabeth Jordan?


For the past year I have been litigating a defamation case against a man named Roger Darnell Alvey. The basis for the lawsuit was a blog article written about me and published on the blog, “A Girl Who Knows Her Own Mind.” The purported author of the blog article was female in her 20’s who is known by various names, including Cameron Elizabeth Jordan, Elizabeth Jordan, Cameron Jordan, Elizabeth Swindells, and Cameron Elizabeth Swindells Jordan (commonly known by many of you by the abbreviation, “CEJ”).

I am pleased to announce that the litigation ended today with Mr. Alvey signing a document that confirmed what many of us already thought and believed: that CEJ was a fake internet persona created and maintained by Roger Alvey, despite his repeatedly denials to the contrary.

Armed with subpoena’s to internet service providers (ISP’s) I was able to confirm that CEJ was sending emails, writing blog articles and accessing the internet from Roger Alvey’s parents’ residence in Coos Bay, Oregon and other locations. Specifically, the subpoenaed information showed the article about me was posted online from the Eugene Youth Hostel in Eugene, Oregon. Further investigation confirmed Roger Alvey was staying at the hostel at the time and soon departed, but not before telling staff that I would soon be coming around looking for him and his “girlfriend.”

At a recent hearing, Mr. Alvey unsuccessfully tried to invoke the 5th amendment based on his belief that if he admitted to being behind the CEJ persona, he could be prosecuted for felony identity theft. The court rejected this argument and made a critical ruling, ordering that virtually every allegation of my lawsuit was “conclusively established” for this litigation. In the agreement signed today, Mr. Alvey admitted the same and agreed not to appeal the court’s order.

Among defendant Alvey’s admissions were these related to CEJ:

·         That defendant is now, and at all relevant times has been, maintaining an online internet presence using the fictional and pseudonymous names, “Cameron Elizabeth Jordan,” “Cameron Jordan,” and “Elizabeth Jordan” (hereinafter referred to collectively by the abbreviation “CEJ”).

·         That defendant has represented to others that CEJ is a living person.

·         That CEJ is not a living person, but a false identity created and used by defendant.

·         That defednant is now, and at all relevant times has been, active on a number of social networking sites, including Facebook, Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) and LinkedIn, using his false identity CEJ.

·         That defendant maintains a web log or “blog” entitled “A Girl Who Knows Her Own Mind,” hosted by at

·         That On December 23, 2011, defendant sent plaintiff an email signed “Elizabeth” via “CAMERON JORDAN []” from a personal computer at defendant’s parents’ home located at 1055 Ferguson Avenue, Coos Bay, Oregon.

·         That on January 1, 2012 defendant published on “A Girl Who Knows Her Own Mind” blog an article entitled “Is There Anything Genuine About John Kuzmanich Other Than His Anger, Dishonesty and Paranoia?”

·         That defendant published the article referenced in request No. 7 herein from a personal computer at defendant’s parents’ home located at 1055 Ferguson Avenue, Coos Bay, Oregon.

·         That on January 20, 2012 defendant published on his blog an article concerning plaintiff, entitled: “Slanderous, Insecure, Racist and Master of Self Promotion …your name is Bruce R. McCain.”
·         That defendant published the article referenced in Request No. 9 herein from a personal computer at the Eugene Whitaker Hostel, 970 W. 3rd Avenue, Eugene, OR.

Mr. Alvey also agreed “upon entry of judgment in this matter, to cease and desist from using on the internet the fictitious female persona known variously as Cameron Elizabeth Jordan, or any derivative of that name (collectively known as “CEJ”). Defendant agrees to deactivate any and all internet profiles, web sites, blogs, and email accounts under his control associated with CEJ.”

I know many of you are Facebook “friends” with Cameron Elizabeth Jordan, who is not a multi-lingual, jet-setting 20-something girl who claims to be the granddaughter of George and Susan Swindells of Medina, WA (of Willamette Industries fame). Instead, CEJ is in fact Roger Darnell Alvey, a 50-year old, twice-divorced seller of recreational vehicles in Junction City, Oregon.

But don’t feel bad if you were duped. You and Manti Te’o now have something in common.


  1. Props Bruce!!!!!

    Once again, the enemy will pretty much stoop to most any level to advance their cause.

  2. Finally

    This fake personna has caused many so called allied in the grassroot movement to fight each other.. Now that we have a legal way of stating that

    YES.. CEJ is a fake and it is really Roger Alvey.. We can move on!!!

  3. Many thanks to Bruce McCain for his outstanding work in pursuing and exposing this impostor, and to Victoria Taft for broadcasting and publishing this information. Bravo!

  4. I agree. Many thanks to Bruce for doing more than a year's long leg work to 'out' Roger Alvey.
    If you have been victimized by "Cameron Jordan" or Roger Alvey, please get in touch with me or Bruce.

  5. This brief announcement is just a preview of what's to come: a multi-part series on Roger Alvey and Cameron Elizabeth Swindells Jordan.

    We'll introduce you to who this guy really is and how he crafted an entire fake persona, from her impressive resume' to a pedigree stemming from one of Oregon's most influential families to her awkward "relationship" with her own maker, Roger Alvey.

    No conspiracies or undocumented theories. Just the facts gathered from court and other public records, writings and other tangible evidence. The truth about Roger Alvey and Cameron Elizabeth Swindells Jordan is stranger than anything dreamed up by others.

    Stay tuned for "Part One of The Alvey Files: The Man Behind Cam-Scam."

  6. Astaghfirullah, this explains a lot. Thank you!

  7. I had followed CEJ's facebook group (Make Your Case) for some time and he/she earned such epithets from me as "ignorant", "lacking intellectual integrity", "possessing an overwhelming sense of entitlement" and "smacks of hubris of a disgusting magnitude". I ended up just reading the group's thread because I couldn't have a rational discourse with someone who made so few evidence based claims, so many personal attacks and who had a complete disregard for the sort of open and honest discussion that the group's rules and title advertised.

    That's merely my opinion, it's true as far as I'm concerned and therefore not libel, for the record.