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Bruce McCain: Who Is Cameron Jordan? Part 2. The Alvey Files.

Who is this man? A fake woman.
            As reported here last week, the female internet persona known variously as Cameron Elizabeth Jordan, Elizabeth Jordan, Elizabeth Swindells (hereinafter “CEJ”) was proven to be a fictitious person created and maintained by a 51-year old Oregon man named Roger Alvey. In subsequent parts to this series, we will take an in depth look into the CEJ persona itself, as well as tell the story of the year-long investigation and litigation that culminated with Roger Alvey admitting in court documents that he was the real person behind his female alter ego. In this installment of The Alvey Files, we will take a closer look at the man who managed to fool some – but by no means all – of those he encountered online.

            Roger Darnell Alvey was born on Valentine’s Day 1961, the second of three children born to Huntley and Patricia Alvey of Coos Bay, Oregon. After graduating from Marshfield High School, Roger followed his older brother, Marty, to Willamette University. While attending Willamette, Roger met and briefly dated a co-ed attending Stanford University at the time. Her name was Elizabeth “Libby” Swindells and she would unknowingly play a critical role in the development of the fake CEJ persona more than 25 years later.

Roger's Brother Marty Alvey
            Martin Alvey graduated from Willamette in 1982 with a BA in history and political science. Four years later, Martin finished law school at Lewis & Clark and has been practicing law ever since. Martin L. Alvey was recently elected as the president of the Oregon Trial Lawyer’s Association for 2013. Meanwhile, Martin’s and Roger’s younger sister, Elizabeth “Libby” Kirchhofer, is currently an elementary teacher married to a fire district chief. As for Roger himself, he never achieved or even approached the success of his siblings.

            Roger Alvey graduated from Willamette University in 1983 with a B.S. in economics. He then attended Willamette’s graduate school of business for a year, but completed no additional degree. The remainder of the 1980’s after college started badly and ended worse for Roger. The year 1987 saw Martin pass the bar exam, while Roger and Laurie Alvey welcomed the birth of their first child, Justin. Three years later, daughter Jamie was born. But court records in Oregon and Washington suggest anything but marital and familial bliss, as Roger and Laurie Alvey appear as defendants in several small claims and FED eviction cases in multiple Oregon counties. On July 7, 1987, a month after Justin’s birth, the State of Oregon sued Roger Alvey and his father, Huntley, over an unpaid student loan (Coos County District Court No. 87CV0593). While the elder Alvey was dismissed from the case, Roger Alvey promptly filed for bankruptcy to stay the proceedings and avoid paying the debt owed.

            By the end of the decade, Laurie Alvey, now living in Olympia, Washington with 4-year old Justin and 15-month old Jamie, apparently had enough when she filed for divorce on November 15, 1991 in Thurston County, Washington (Case No. 91-3-01269-6). The court record in that case serves as a prime example of Roger Alvey’s willingness and ability to test the limits and patience of the court as he managed to drag out the divorce proceedings for four contentious years until the decree of dissolution was finally granted on January 1, 1995.

            Meanwhile, Roger was working in Portland as a general securities representative registered with the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD). As a registered representative, Alvey was licensed to sell securities to others. But Alvey ran into trouble in 1992 when NASD fined him $10,000, suspended him and required him to retake his licensing exams based on findings that he “effected unauthorized transactions in the accounts of public customers. Furthermore, Alvey recommended these transactions without having reasonable grounds for believing that such recommendations were suitable for the customers in view of the size, frequency, and nature of the recommended transactions, and the customers’ financial situations, circumstances, needs and investment objectives.” NASD Notice to Members, August 1992.
            In a pattern that would repeat itself in Alvey’s life, he refused to comply with the order of the NASD, which revoked Alvey’s registration in October 1992, effectively ending Roger Alvey’s brief career handling other people’s money. After being fined, suspended and revoked for securities violations, Roger Alvey then turned to selling automobiles, with mixed results at best.

            Roger Alvey’s online and paper résumé shows no work history prior to 1997, when he claims to have first entered the automotive sales business. Approaching 40 and a single divorcee, Alvey decided to look for love in a place far from home: Russia. In a bizarre court exhibit Alvey filed entitled, “From Courtship to Courthouse all at the Speed of a Green Card!” Roger details the beginning and end of his courtship of, marriage to, and separation from Tatiana Ivanova Alvey. According to Roger, he went to St. Petersburg, Russia in June 2000 to retrieve his bride-to-be. This trip to Russia will also play a significant role in the development of the CEJ persona, who claims to have attended high school in St. Petersburg.

            After marrying in Astoria, Oregon on August 31, 2001, the Alvey’s settled in Washington County as Tatiana began attending college while Roger continued selling cars to make ends meet. Whatever expectations Tatiana Alvey had in coming to America to marry a divorced man 18 years older than she, nothing could prepare Mrs. Alvey for April 16, 2004, when a Warrant of Arrest was issued, 

commanding any peace officer in the State of Oregon to arrest her American husband, who was accused of 10 counts of Encouraging Child Sexual Abuse in the Second Degree – Class C felony.
            The secret indictment in Washington County Circuit Court case C041095CR sets forth in clinical but lurid detail the following:
            “COUNT 1 – That as a separate act and transaction from that alleged in: The defendant, on or between July 1, 2003 to July 22, 2003, in Washington County, Oregon, did unlawfully and knowingly possess and control a photograph, motion picture, videotape and other visual recording of sexually explicit conduct involving a child for the purpose of arousing and satisfying the desires of the said defendant and another person, at such time as the said defendant knew and was aware of and consciously disregarded the fact that creation of the visual recording of sexually explicit conduct involved child abuse; to wit: Adult male with female engaging in sexual intercourse and other acts.”
            The indictment repeated the basic accusation nine more times, with the only variations in each count being, “two male children engaging in oral, anal and other sex acts;” young males engaging in oral and anal intercourse;” “adult female with young female engaging in oral and other sex acts;” “adult male engaging in sexual intercourse and other sex acts with young female while the young female is tied-up,” and so on for three pages until signed by the foreperson of the grand jury signifying that these acts are “contrary to the statutes and against the peace and dignity of the State of Oregon.”

            Roger Darnell Alvey was arrested and held in the Washington County jail until the wife he would later vilify used $10,000 of her own money to post the required 10% of Alvey’s $100,000 bail. Over the next three years this case would halt and start with a detour to the Court of Appeals and Alvey’s privately retained attorney finally withdrawing from the case when Alvey failed to pay his $20,000 legal bill. 

As in almost all of his numerous court cases, Roger Alvey would represent himself as a pro se defendant. Ultimately, the case never went to trial because by March 2007, the State was “unable to locate essential State witnesses and finds itself unable to proceed at this point” and dismissed the case. 

 To this day, Roger Alvey protests that he was wrongly indicted, set up by co-workers, targeted by Forest Grove police and an overzealous prosecutor. At one point he blamed the child pornography on a man who was in prison at the time. But the March 5, 2007 letter from the Washington County district attorney made it clear that the reason the case was dismissed was not because the wrong person was indicted, but because essential state witnesses had disappeared and could not be found.

Alvey in Happier Times
            Tatiana apparently wasn’t impressed. Mrs. Alvey filed for divorce on September 24, 2007 in Washington County (Case No. C073643DRD). But the petition for dissolution did not come as a surprise as the Alvey’s had separated by December 10, 2005. Once again, Roger Alvey chose to represent himself and used the process to again lash out at Tatiana with accusations of adultery, while accusing her and other Russian brides of taking advantage of the good graces of American husbands, only to dump them after squeezing them dry. Alvey seemed particularly annoyed at the number of vacations and trips Tatiana would take with her mother, but without him. Alvey submitted several charts and graphs detailing his frustration, including one impressive, color-coded time line sarcastically labeled, “From Courtship to Courthouse.” The decree of dissolution was signed June 4, 2008. But Roger was unable to let things go, as he took one last shot at Tatiana in a way all too familiar to those who have been on the receiving end of a CEJ online attack.

            On July 15, 2009, more than a year after their dissolution was filed, Roger sued Tatiana in Multnomah County Circuit Court (No. 090709655). Again representing himself, Roger’s claims were: “Fraud in Inducement,” “Breach of Contract,” “Unjust Enrichment,” and “Quantum Meritus.” The case went nowhere and was dismissed with prejudice by the court. Undeterred, Roger’s apparent rage got the best of him on July 28, 2009 when he went to Multnomah County Court and took out a stalking restraining order against Tatiana (Case No. 090710403). That, too, was tossed by the court the following day when the court found no basis for Roger’s petition. But also on July 28, 2009, Roger went online at the website “Ripoff Report” using the name, “Rippedoffbyarussian” in Portland, Oregon. 

            In a classic Roger Alvey rant seen too often by those who have encountered him, Alvey had the following to say about the woman who used $10,000 of her own money to bail him out of jail after being indicted and arrested on 10 counts of felony child porn charges:

            “I was a fool. I believed what this seemingly sweet cute shy and quiet russian girl told me. It was all a lie. All she wanted was a man to supply her with an education, money, to support her and to give her the proper immigration profile to become a U.S. citizen. She was never abused or treated poorly in anyway and once her degree was paid for in full and she had enough time in country to become a citizen and once she had a job ...she was gone! and i mean one second after she could go and take everything I had with her she did it.        
“I discovered by accident that she had opened up bank accounts all over the city, I also found out that these accounts all contained money that could only have come from one source... me! She also opened a safe deposit box a few months prior to leaving. It also contained valuables she didn't buy! After our divorce was over with I discovered that she had been carrying on many affairs during our marriage...and lied to me about everything she ever told me she believed or wanted. She and all of her russian girlfriends have all done the same exact thing and they are here their own admission to use american men for their money and what they can get and when they are no longer "necessary" they discard the sucked dry body at the side of the road.“BE WARNED ...THIS GIRL IS NOT WHO SHE SAYS SHE IS NO MATTER WHAT SHE MAKES YOU BELIEVE!! I COULD WRITE A BOOK ABOUT HER AND IT WOULD TAKE A BOOK TO BE ABLE TO LIST EVERYTHING INCREDIBLE THING SHE DID AND EVEN TODAY CONTINUES TO DO. DO NOT BE THE FOOL THAT I WAS! ... This report is expressive speech of what this person did to me and is currently looking to do to others like me. I want anyone curious enough about her to google her name to find this report and receive the warning I wish someone had given me!”

            For those familiar with Roger Alvey and CamScam, one cannot help but notice the irony in Alvey warning others that his flesh and blood Russian ex-wife “is not the girl who she says she is no matter what she makes you believe.” We will take that warning to heart in our next installment of The Alvey Files when we reveal the complete biography of Cameron Elizabeth Swindells Jordan – who also is not the girl she says she is no matter what she makes you believe.

Bruce McCain is a retired Multnomah County Sheriff's Captain and an attorney in private practice. He's a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce.


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    1. Thank You for exposing this nut Roger Alvey..."she" harassed,tried to disrupt Norman Goldman on his FaceBook page on many occassions.Not man enough to back up his statements with a real identity...whatta' cowardly weasel.

  2. So this guy blogged using a pseudonym and 10 years ago he was indicted for a crime the state couldn't make against him. I must be missing something because half the blogging world uses a pseudonym. I guess I'm still waiting to hear something this guy did. This series is short on sin and long on sinner and has too many unnecessary details making it look like a hit piece on someone you don't like. I'm more afraid of someone who would do something like this than I am the guy in the story. What else you got?

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    3. The fact that Mr. Alvey was indicted for possession of child pornography is no small thing. The state obviously had enough evidence to indict him for it, even if they later lost a key witness and were thus unable to convict him. Bear in mind that many of the dozens of conservatives that Mr. Alvey "befriended" probably have photos of kids/grandkids posted on Facebook; I'd say they have a right to know that they were befriended (via fraud) by an alleged pedophile who then gained access to many of their personal photos and information.

      As one of these conservative activists who was "befriended" under false pretenses by "Cameron Jordan" (though I only interacted with her once, when I asked "her" to prove "she" was real) many of us are still uneasy because we still don't know WHY Mr. Alvey went through this elaborate fraud, writing blog posts defaming the reputations of Misters McCain and Kuzmanich and spreading lies about them to their friends & acquaintances.

      What is particularly concerning to me is that Mr. Alvey does not show any signs of being a concerned citizen acting in good faith; some have hypothesized (based on his brother's political connections) that Mr. Alvey may have been a Democratic political operative "trolling" for personal information on activists (like myself) that he might consider to be political opponents. I try to be careful about what information I put on Facebook, but I still find this whole affair to be slightly concerning (even if I don't necessarily believe that this was all an elaborate Democratic conspiracy). If nothing else, it has made me more suspicious about other "conservative activists" who try to befriend me on Facebook.

    4. Nathan, being convicted of child porn possession is no small thing. Obtaining an indictment against someone requires very little skill or evidence. Being accused of a crime shouldn't carry the same stigma as being convicted in our system where everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The DA doesn't drop CP cases even when they know they have the wrong person without trying to get them to plead guilty to something first. It's thinking like yours where all that is required is an accusation to label someone a pedophile etc. McCain's logic takes thinking like yours one step further by telling us that empty accusations about people that are 10 years old are still relevant. When the truth is they're not. McCain uses this approach to defame people on a regular basis. He did it to James Needham: a Molala city councilman and numerous others in the Oregon Free Speech Zone group and I have watched while Kuzmanich drove a wedge in the Oregon GOP party that caused lots and lots of hurt feelings and animosity. He ran so many people out of the party they started their own group on FB where John and his kuzbots weren't allowed to join. I would like to think that McCain's intent here was to try and protect the party from a possible left wing spy but after reading the whole series it's painfully obvious that McCain did this for personal reasons. How else can you explain the need to use a garbage can approach. I would love to hear the other side of this story because I would be willing to bet it isn't exactly how Bruce describes it. I am no fan of left wingers joining conservative groups to gather information and I highly doubt that it happens at all. I keep waiting for someone to show me or tell me what this guy did and whom he did it to because there are a multitide of reasons a person would choose to not use their real name in social media websites not the least of which are guys like Mr. McCain. People have a constitutional right to post anonymously and without some sort of evidence of some damage being done to someone then all this looks like is a bad case of Bruce McCain violating someone else's right to privacy and using what he found to slander him.