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Bruce McCain: Who Is Cameron Jordan? The Alvey Files Part 3

The Lolita from Medina 
Cameron Elizabeth Swindells Jordan or “CEJ” is a remarkable young woman. Born October 28, 1984, her life has been marked by unparalleled opportunity and tragic setbacks. Beautiful, rich, smart and mature beyond her years, CEJ is the daughter of Elizabeth “Libby” Swindells and the granddaughter of George and Susan Swindells of Medina, Washington. After CEJ’s mother died of cancer around 2005, CEJ was taken in by her maternal grandparents in Medina, who used their Willamette Industries/Weyerhaeuser fortune to give young Elizabeth the best education and life experience money could buy.

In 1997 the young teen moved to Gstaad, Valais, Switzerland. Four years later she finished her high school education in 2001 at the Institut Le Rosey in Rolle, Switzerland. A year later, she moved to St. Petersburg, Russia for a year of college math. Elizabeth then followed in her mother’s footsteps when she returned to America and enrolled at Stanford University, where she earned her BA in Economics and International Relations. Finally, an MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business capped the impressive curriculum vitae of Cameron Elizabeth Swindells Jordan, who is fluent in German, Swiss German, Russian, French, Swedish and American English.

After a brief stint working for Microsoft Corporation, Elizabeth branched out on her own as the sole owner of Elizabeth Jordan Advisors, GmbH, a European version of an American limited liability company or LLC. Like the Mafioso attorney Tom Hagen in The Godfather, Elizabeth Jordan Advisors only has one client, who prefers to remain discrete and anonymous.
In November 2010, tragedy struck this beautiful and brilliant young woman when, like her mother before her, CEJ was diagnosed with cancer. Unlike her dear departed mother, Libby, who succumbed to breast cancer, the 20-something Elizabeth was diagnosed with cervical cancer, Stage 2. Struck down in the prime of her life, CEJ was scheduled to have a radical hysterectomy in late 2010, but not before doctors harvested her eggs to preserve her dynastic gene pool. By 2011, Elizabeth had apparently recovered well enough to move from Portland to Zurich, Switzerland.
Everything you just read about Cameron Elizabeth Swindells Jordan is documented in her own words and in the words of Roger Darnell Alvey, whom Elizabeth claims she first kissed two years after returning to America. And everything you read and know about CEJ is a deceptive lie perpetrated by Alvey himself. 

The Swindells Connection
In her own online biography, CEJ warns inquisitive readers that,
“Please Note: Cameron Elizabeth Jordan is not my complete legal name. It is not so much a non de plume or literaturnyi pseydonim [sic] as it just an incomplete derivation of my complete legal name.”
In her blog article published Saturday, September 3, 2011 entitled, “For the Record: I am not now nor have I ever been a federal agent or a left wing plant,” CEJ explains the name issue more fully:

“…the blog, which I started way back in 2009, was not even made public until just over a year ago, and that’s why when I chose to establish my Facebook presence, I chose to do it with 3/4 of my legal name instead of all of it. What I chose to leave off is the second half of my last name. My mother was proud of her heritage and of her family’s accomplishments and name …as was my father…so legally I have both. After my mother passed away, it was my maternal grandparents who stepped into the resulting parental void and all my academic records are either hyphenated or only use my mother’s last name. Jordan is my father’s last name.”

So, according to CEJ herself, the name Cameron Elizabeth Jordan is only 3/4 of her full name. The missing component is the name of her deceased mother’s family. So, who was CEJ’s mother? On November 2, 2010, Roger Alvey explained the mystery when writing to an old Willamette University Beta Theta Pi fraternity brother:

“... Elizabeth has cervical cancer stage 2 and has been a real trooper so far. She is just now getting to the start of the hard part and she has tried very hard to put a brave face on but I have been to those appts with her and she is way to smart to not be scared shitless...“want to hear the perverted part about how I met her? I dated her mother the last two years at WU, (Libby) she was down at Stanford alot of the time anyway she died about 14-15 yrs ago from ...guess what? Cancer. Breast cancer. So about 6 -7 yrs ago I get this email from Eliz. introducing herself and wanting to talk about her mother. we met (she looked like she was 12) and I gave her the unsanitized version she had gotten from everyone else and became fast friends hung out all the time when she was in town etc. She is a good girl and has lived a very sheltered life. It's fun to watch her mix it up with different antagonists like the peeps.“just re read my email i gave her the unsanitized version she had only heard the sanitized version from her family. Big Big $$ they sold the family business to weyerhauser corp for 7 billion dollars about 10 yrs ago“she is scheduled to have a radical hysterectomy trying to see if they can harvest some eggs in the middle of all of the chemo and radiation they have planned so she can have a child of her own someday. It would be a shame to waste that gene pool. Willy when she took her SAT's she missed zero questions! I guess about 150 people get perfect scores every year but only 12-25 miss no questions at all. she speaks every language but chinese she is the most impressive female I have ever met, and I have met some impressive women in my day.”

Roger Alvey described his initial meeting with the daughter of the dead mother as “perverted.” For once, Alvey was telling the truth, though it was within a bigger lie. In the same September 3, 2011 blog article referenced earlier, CEJ responded to rumors that she and Roger had engaged in sex while she was underage. She denied the rumor with:
“For starters I didn’t live in the US until I came here for college and at that time I was over 18….I didn’t even meet Roger until I was almost 19 … and didn’t correspond with him until long after I was 18 (I contacted him), and didn’t even kiss him until I was 23….”

Roger Alvey admitted to his fraternity bro that he dated Libby Swindells in the early 1980’s (a fact confirmed by Roger’s brother, Martin on April 30, 2012). Then, while writing as CEJ, he describes the circumstances under which she first kissed him. Of course, Roger Alvey wouldn’t be the first grown man to become involved with the daughter of the mother in a multigenerational romance. But most 50-year old men don’t blog as a girl regarding the first time they kissed themselves.
For those unfamiliar with Pacific Northwest business history, Willamette Industries was sold to Weyerhaeuser in a hostile takeover bid in 2002, with the final purchase price estimated at $7.62 billion. George Swindells ran the company at the time with his brother, Bill Swindells. George and Susan Swindells live in Medina, Washington and are the parents of Elizabeth Swindells, who graduated from Stanford in 1984. The Swindells, including Elizabeth and her parents, also own or owned a substantial parcel of land on San Juan Island. Those who have followed CEJ from the beginning are familiar with her many trips to the San Juans and the stock aerial photos of Roche Harbor posted on her Facebook page.

But in case there is any doubt that CEJ’s missing 1/4 name is Swindells, we only need to look at CEJ’s European profile on VK.com (European version of Facebook).

For those familiar with CEJ’s other profiles, they will note the “About” section is virtually identical, as are the 2011 profiles photos of Elizabeth Swindells (discussed more fully below). One notable difference is that Elizabeth Swindells claims to be a Socialist Catholic. Besides the same biography and photos, both CEJ’s Facebook profile and Elizabeth Swindells’ VK profile contain a hyperlink to Elizabeth Jordan’s LinkedIn page (since deleted by Alvey as part of the recent court judgment).

Speaking of LinkedIn, on March 22, 2010 Cameron Jordan, owner at Elizabeth Jordan Advisors provided this glowing recommendation of Roger Alvey’s prowess as an automobile broker:
“I am writing to provide my whole hearted recommendation of Roger Alvey and Automotive Creative Partners LLC. Roger has been our family auto broker, advisor and trusted friend for as long as I can remember. Additionally, my grandparents and uncle collect cars and own numerous rare and hard to find vehicles they bought through Roger over the years. If you look up ‘picky,’ ‘hard to please,’ ‘demanding’, auto customers in the dictionary you will see a picture of me and my extended family. Successfully navigating through this minefield of potential disappointment for this long could only have been possible for someone with the highest level of professionalism, knowledge of cars, and personal integrity imaginable. In that regard Roger has proven himself time and time again. After years of watching my grandparents, cousins and uncles all defer to Roger’s advice and input when I become old enough to make my own buying decisions, who I would use to locate, negotiate, and secure my vehicles was never in doubt. In the last two years alone I have utilized Roger’s services to buy both my M3 BMW and my Range Rover, and like my other family members, I am ecstatic with the outcome…”
The only adjectives Cameron Jordan forgot to use when referring to Roger Alvey’s auto skills were “narcissistic and self-serving,” for we now know that Roger wrote this himself, just as he would write about his first kiss with CEJ a year later. And to show just how deep Roger Alvey’s lies and deceptions penetrate, Cameron mentioned Alvey’s company, Automotive Creative Partners LLC. On his job application for his current job at Guaranty RV Center. Roger Alvey also listed Automotive Creative Partners LLC as his last place of employment. The only problem is the company was created in May 2003 with Roger Alvey the sole member, but the company was administratively dissolved on July 30, 2004.

The good news in all of this is that the real Elizabeth Swindells did not die of breast cancer or of any other cause. She is alive and presumably well, living in the Bay Area community of Hillsborough, CA with her husband and two teenage children – neither of whom are named Cameron or Elizabeth. And George and Susan Swindells no longer have to worry about the granddaughter they never knew existed, particularly when the photos of young Elizabeth Swindells of Medina WA were lifted from an internet teen porn site.

The Many Faces of CEJ

One of the earliest and most obvious signs to many that CEJ was a fake persona was the fact that her Facebook profile photo would change over time. In the earliest edition of CEJ, most remember this girl. 

Like the many versions of James Bond, this girl is the Sean Connery of CEJ profiles. She was the original and more photos of her exist than others used by Alvey. In fact, it was precisely because these photos are so prevalent that he had to make a change. So who is this girl who claims to be Elizabeth Swindells?

While no one seems to know her true name, photo galleries of this model appear world-wide on websites not suitable for minors. This model can be found on certain Russian Lolita sites catering to users who prefer teen girls modeling, but not necessarily nude or in sexually explicit photos. This girl also is known on the internet as Jenny Star. In fact, one of the photos on the Jenny Star home page is exactly the same as the first photo for Elizabeth Swindells, which should come as a great disappointment to her grandparents in Medina. 

But CEJ was active not only on Facebook and LinkedIn. In between ski trips to the Alps, cancer treatment in Seattle, shopping in Friday Harbor or fulfilling her duties as an international financial quantitative analyst, Elizabeth was trolling in the adult fetish world under the name “CJwetsthebed” on the website DiaperMates.com 
For those familiar with him, Roger Alvey loves Photoshop. His own Facebook profile has been peppered with clownish Photoshop images with his face superimposed on others, or others inserted into his images. For example, even CEJ made an appearance with Chris Christie here:

But when it came to CJwetsthebed, all it took was the addition of a crude white diaper on our Jenny Star Russian Lolita to get the attention of others who have a fondness for posting photos of themselves with XXL Adult Depends. One example of a set of ten is this: 
Pornographic? Not exactly. Sick and perverse? You decide. But when Alvey learned that others knew about CJwetsthebed, the site was quickly closed to all but private users only. Meanwhile, Jenny Star was getting too hot for CEJ, so around January 2012 we were treated to CEJ 2.0 
This bathroom self-portrait became CEJ’s default profile photo for Facebook and LinkedIn and appears very similar to the last blog profile photo of CEJ 
On February 23, 2012 CEJ was under a lot of pressure to confirm she was real, so she released the following bizarre 2 minute video: 

Needless to say, no one was impressed with the video “proof” despite CEJ’s mentioning of some of her most loyal followers and supporters.

The issue of Facebook photos also caught the eye of some other early skeptics of the CEJ persona. In an early version of CEJ’s Facebook page, she listed as a friend a young man named Chester Vanderbilt. His profile photo showed him hugging a young lady, presumably a girlfriend. The only problem was Chester Vanderbilt did not exist and the photo used for his fake profile belonged to a different young man who died in 2009. Similarly, the face of CEJ (Jenny Star version) appears Photoshopped onto a girl riding on the back of Roger Alvey’s son, Justin. These photograph discrepancies and other issues were compiled onto a single webpage, “The Curious Case of Cameron Jordan.” 

CEJ’s Enablers
As critics and skeptics of the CEJ persona pressed their case that she was a fake and a fraud, and most likely Roger Alvey, she had a small but fiercely loyal band of protectors. And no one, other than Alvey himself, defended the honor and integrity of Cameron Elizabeth Swindells Jordan more than James G. Needham.

During the November 2012 election, Oregon state representative and Portland mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith was struggling to explain or justify an incident in 1993 when he reportedly assaulted a young woman at a party. The story garnered much local media attention and likely contributed to Smith’s loss to Charlie Hales.

Meanwhile, 25 miles south of Portland in the semi-rural town of Molalla, another local politician faced a similar problem in his race for mayor of his fine city. Jim Needham was a city council member running for mayor in 2012. And like Jefferson Smith, councilor Needham also had a 1993 assault of a woman dogging him, though Needham’s was far more serious (Clackamas County District Court No. DCR9310193).

While Smith apparently never was arrested or prosecuted for his “tap” on the head of the party girl, Needham was arrested on January 10, 1993 for felony Assault II, for assaulting a woman who now works for Washington County. The prosecutor lowered the charge to Class A misdemeanor Assault IV and Needham pleaded guilty on the morning his jury trial was scheduled to begin. Like Smith in Portland, councilor Needham lost his mayoral bid and is now off the Molalla City Council.
Jim Needham remained CEJ’s fiercest defender against unscrupulous men (and women) who dared to invade the privacy of this young woman who had done harm to no one. Needham was indignant and scornful at those who sullied the good name of Cameron Elizabeth Jordan by searching for her background or engaging in other intrusive and dishonorable acts, such as asking CEJ why her profile photos change, why no one has ever seen her in her home town of Portland, or why she won’t take telephone calls from anyone, including him. Needham went so far as to add CEJ to his Molalla Town Hall Facebook group, despite repeated warnings and evidence that she was in fact Roger Alvey and a fake. In the recently concluded litigation over this issue, Needham remained steadfastly loyal to CEJ by filing a declaration in support of Roger Alvey.

Other early supporters of CEJ began to peel away once they learned the truth that they had been duped by a car salesman pretending to be a young lady suffering from cancer. Many of CEJ’s staunchest defenders at the beginning are outraged at Alvey as they learned the truth. Fortunately, by the time the litigation ended, Alvey only had Needham and one other man in his corner. No one else was willing to go on record in support of this deception.

The Robin Sage connection
A conservative Facebook user receives a friend request from Cameron Elizabeth Jordan. Though the recipient doesn’t know CEJ, they have dozens of friends in common, and the friend request is accepted. This is a feature of social networking that was exploited and documented by the internet security experiment known as Robin Sage.

The Robin Sage experiment had all the hallmarks of Roger Alvey’s CEJ persona:
·         A young, attractive, and edgy female with flirtatious gestures regarding her picture
·         Professional occupation that would impress others, especially older men
·         First class education credentials, but with no actual verification of attendance
·         Use of the “mutual friend” technique to build and quickly expand friends list
·         Private messaging leading to disclosure of personal or confidential information
The Robin Sage experiment lasted only 28 days when it was pulled by its creators, having demonstrated the security vulnerabilities when dealing with false internet personas, especially one who appears to be a highly educated, young, attractive female professional with a sharp wit and sharper tongue. By comparison, Roger Alvey managed to keep CEJ active and engaged on multiple internet sites for nearly three years, befriending and later betraying many that were taken in by her charms, unaware of who was at the keyboard at the other end.
Until her Facebook account was deleted on January 27 as part of the court settlement, CEJ’s friends list was a virtual Who’s Who of Oregon Republicans and other conservatives. They know who they are, and it may be assumed that many of those men and women really did not know or care who CEJ was and had no interaction with her. But what mattered most is that Roger Alvey used those well-known and trusted friends to gather more friends for CEJ, and then began probing them with chats and messages. Only those men and women who engaged in private messages with CEJ know what Roger Alvey learned about them, but not what he intended to do with that information.

In Part 4 of The Alvey Files we will take an in depth look at the year-long investigation and litigation that culminated in the demise of the Lolita from Medina.

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