Thursday, January 03, 2013

Feds: Portland "Anarchist Activity...A Threat to the Community"

A Portland based accused anarchist has been freed pending trial for twice throwing a molotov cocktail at a Portland cop car in November. A federal judge has ordered Sergey Turzhanskiy not to have any contact with his anarchist buddies--directly, electronically or through a third party.

In objecting to the release, federal prosecutor Stephen Peifer argued in court, "Our concern is the defendant is a flight risk because of his serious involvement with anarchist activity, which is a threat to the community."

Peifer connected Turzhanskiy with the Pacific NW Grand Jury Resistance, a collection of anarchist and Occupy groups which have sworn to keep quiet about anarchist
activity, but especially the trashing of the U.S. Courthouse in Seattle last May Day.  The attack was captured by Portland based citizen journalists "Laughing at Liberals" and "Foolish Reporter." See video and photos below.

 According to the Zero here:
Anarchists Attack Seattle Fed Courthouse
Seattle Black Bloc Photo Foolish Reporter
"...Peifer said the group is made up of anarchists who are "frankly in the process of trying to obstruct" the federal inquiry into the May Day firebombing at the Seattle federal courthouse. Peifer also told the court Wednesday that there were people who came to Turzhanskiy's first federal court appearance in Portland last month who are involved in the investigation into the Seattle courthouse firebombing."

Turzhanskiy, known as "Kiki" to his friends, twice tried to lob a molotov cocktail at a cop car. From the original PPB media release,

Monday November 5, 2012, at 1:33 a.m., Portland Police officers spotted a man who rode a bicycle by and threw a burning Molotov cocktail at a Portland Police marked cruiser. The car was parked in the southeast corner of the parking lot across the street from North Precinct, located at 449 Northeast Emerson Street. No officers were inside the car at the time of the incident.
The person who threw the bottle was almost immediately caught by officers and has been detained at this point as Arson Investigators begin processing the crime scene.
Portland's anarchist movement has been the most radical arm of the Occupy, Earth Liberation Front, Animal Liberation Front and Earth First! movements among others. They were front and center at Occupy Portland as I recorded.

Occupy Portland was wholly embraced by elected officials in Portland and by Portland Parks employees--union members--and by the AFL-CIO whose treasurer set up camp at Occupy. Now a prosecutor finally has the guts to say what has never been uttered by official Portland, "
"...[A]narchist activity... is a threat to the community

Wow. Who woulda thunk it? Now will anyone DO anything about these terrorist thugs? How thuggish? Watch Laughing at Liberals' video from Seattle last May Day.

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