Wednesday, January 16, 2013


City: Clackamas Oregon

Comments: The only thing that will stop a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun. If outlawing them will make guns go away, why not outlaw drugs?

Marc sends this to remind the mathematically challenged among us:

U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
* Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000
* New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
National debt: $14,271,000,000,000
* Recent budget cuts: $ 38,500,000,000

Let's now remove 8 zeros and pretend it's a household budget:

* Annual family income: $21,700
* Money the family spent: $38,200
* New debt on the credit card: $16,500
* Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
* Total budget cuts: $385

Any questions? Beuller? Beuller? O'bama? O'bama?

Re: The Sheriff's letter. Many of my pals are commenting that they would 
want to work for this guy. Many say for free. I did too. Men like this and 
Joe Arpaio are too few and far between, if you ask me.
The letter has been reposted over and over amongst the best of the SERT-type 
retirees and the best cops I knew.
Of course, we hear little from the guys still working, because they must 
keep their mouths shut in order that they may slog on in their (privately) 
individualistic and Constitution-respecting way.
I see these posts on my friend's pages in my newsfeed and on the Portland 
Police Bureau Retired Officers group.



  1. Hi Steve,

    As one of the guys still working I don't have a problem with Sheriff Mueller's comments as an elected official with the exception of his intention to prevent the enforcement of these ruled within the borders of his county by federal officials. How he intends to do that is fraught with peril.

    I certainly understand his feelings as we suffer from politicians in this state deciding which laws they want to enforce regarding immigration and terrorism, but those are issues for the courts and legislatures. He certainly has the discretion to set arrest and enforcement priorities for his deputies within the law, but putting his officers in direct conflict with other law enforcement officials does not help his cause.

  2. have reposted a ridiculous "home budget". As an Economics student in the early 1980's the US was going through a similar (though not as severe) recession. One of the first things we were taught when faced with the question you pose is that a Government is NOT a family or a business and should not be run as such. I realize that your tiny little brain cannot think beyond the bounds that people like Victoria, Rush and the like espouse over the air waves. You really should try and do a little thinking for yourself and read up on how the economics of our Country really work. Have a nice day.