Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mohamud Trial Day 9: "Champagne and a Blunt"

Defense attorneys in the terrorism case against Mohamed Osman Mohamud (Mo Mo) spent part of day 9 of the trial going through text messages and emails hoping to show their client was a conflicted young man, torn between his desire to be a devout Muslim and his appetite for "alcohol and women."

At the same time, defense attorney Stephen Wax tried to minimize connections Mo Mo had with a notorious Al Qaeda bomb maker who was wanted by international police agencies.

In a series of text messages presented to the jury, Mohamud was asked whether:
"You still on da weed."
"Naw, been off it for awhile."

Staying away from the partying life appeared to be a bit of a struggle for the OSU college freshman as later text messages would show. Right after meeting with FBI officials about the plot Mohamud reached out to several of his close friends at Oregon State University in an effort to find some marijuana and a place to go target shoot.
[paraphrase] 'Know a place to shoot' Would you like to know a secret
In another text to a friend Mo Mo said:
'But I figured out what I was missing all along. Would you like to know the secret. IDK if you'll like it, though'
Three days later Mo Mo was back into party mode;
"Ay can you get a dub"
"Partying...champagne and blunt"
And then five days later he was proclaiming,
"IDK what's going on but I'm trying to quit partying."
Another series of texts showed Mohamud concerned about his friends talking behind his back. A text three days before the planned bombing of 20+thousand Portlanders at Pioneer Courthouse Square said, 
"Hug. Come to the house. We are kick back to some hooka."
Defense attorneys presented a message Mohamud sent to an email address reflecting the name of a Muslim martyr (Julaybib) seeking reassurance [paraphrase]:
I felt ashamed to ask anyone in person. Because of your writing [I feel I can ask you]. I'm lost here. I need to be in a Muslim land. I have fallen into alcohol and women. Don't send me links like everyone else. Send me soft words.'
I ran the email address and it corresponds to a Jalayman Jones in the UK. It's not known if that's the same person Mo Mo sent the email to, however. 

Prosecutors have another way of describing Mohamud's behavior. They say Mohamud was masking his terror planning and trying to appear normal to his friends.

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