Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mohamud Trial Side Bar: Oregon Muslim Activist Kicked Out of Courthouse

She has run for Congress,  been a Muslim activist and kicked out a citizen journalist from an "open" meeting of Muslims at a public university (Portland State). 

And now Saba Ahmed knows what it feels like to get booted out of a public forum. 

Ahmed has not only been tossed from the trial of accused terrorist Mohamed Mohamud for harassing family members and breaking cell phone rules, she's been tossed from the overflow court room as well. And when she broke the rules there, according to a court document, she was tossed from the entire Mark Hatfield Federal Courthouse. 

According to the document (see nearby),

"[Ahmed] violated court orders regarding the use of cell phones in the courtroom, she had failed to follow directions from the US Marshal, she has attempted to have inappropriate contact with the defendant's family, and has interfered with the family's ability to attend this trial without harassment.  I...find that excllusind Ms. Ahmed from entering the ...Courthouse is the only appropriate option."

Saba Ahmed Leaves Courthouse in 2010
She's been booted out till further notice. A hearing is set for a couple months from now, well after the trial is done. 

When Mohamud was arrested Ahmed was described as being a friend of the family.  Apparently she's worn out her welcome.

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