Sunday, January 06, 2013

Newark Mayor Offers $1000 for Info On Gun Owners

Newark Mayor Cory Booker has appeared in a video asking Newark citizens to turn in people with guns. He does so while waving a fan of $100 bills. Note Booker makes no distinction between legal and illegal guns.
"...There are [sic] a small group of people in our City who think they can walk around with guns. It is unacceptable.

...Give us the information about who is carrying a gun. We don't even have to have a conviction. We simply arrest that individual and get that gun off the streets."
Since Booker makes no distinction between those with guns legally or illegally, it appears he's using tax dollars to harass people with guns. And this is what happens when people who think they have political correctness on their side use government power to squash people with whom they have a political disagreement. Meet Big Brother. H/T Oregon Tea Party

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