Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rees Lloyd: “IT MATTERS"

 Hillary Clinton’s  “What does it matter!” challenge dismissing  the deliberate deception of the American people by the Obama administration in the Benghazi scandal as irrelevant, should not be minimized. It should be regarded as historic, revelatory, and meaningful as Marie Antoinette’s alleged statement, “Let them eat cake!” when advised the French people had no bread.
            The difference is that Marie Antoinette’s “Let them eat cake” alleged 

response has been cited as revealing the despicable arrogance and contempt for the people of the elitist French monarchical ruling class; whereas Hillary Clinton’s “What does it matter!” response reveals the despicable arrogance and contempt for the people of the elitist American Progressive Liberal ruling class.
            The other difference is, of course, that Marie Antoinette never said “Let them eat cake,” as scholars now agree.
            In contrast,  Hillary Clinton most definitely did utter the revelatory assertion “What does it matter!” She did it as the American Secretary of State in sworn testimony  on January 23, 2013, in hearings before the Senate and House committees investigating the Benghazi scandal and the multiple lies about it emanating from  the Obama administration from the top down. She did it on full view of the American people, knowing her testimony would be broadcast and written about throughout the nation
            Perhaps what is most remarkable, is that Hillary Clinton, did it believing she could utter “What does it matter” about the national government lies with impunity, without repudiation by a transformed American people who would not stand and insist that Americans will not be lied to by their government.
            Hillary Clinton did it  without a scintilla of remorse for the now undeniable fact that the American people were lied to, utterly deceived, by the Obama regime, including Clinton. Rather than any apology for the deception, the lies, without any sign of the slightest remorse, Hillary Clinton with haughty elitist arrogance and contempt for the American people,  responded “What does it matter!.”
            Four Americans were killed at Benghazi. There are a welter of unanswered  questions of how and why they were allowed to be killed by Muslims. It  cannot  now be reasonably disputed that the President of the United States, Office of President, the State Department, the Ambassador to the United Nations, and the Obama regime generally, deliberately deceived the public, lied that four Americans were murdered  not as a result of an organized terrorist attack by Muslims associated with al Qaeda on the anniversary of 9-11, but because of the appearance of a video on the internet of a “trailer” to what appears to be a non-existent “film” which insulted Muhammad and thus offended the religious sensibilities of ever-so-devout murderous Muslims.
            When asked by elected members of the Senate and House to explain how this happened, Hillary Clinton, who in 2008 was favored to be the Democrat candidate for president until upset by Barack Obama, and who occupies one of the highest positions of public trust in our constitutional republic, Secretary of State, an office once held by Thomas Jefferson, refused to answer and instead challenged: “What does it matter!!”
            She, of course, prefaced her insulting, contemptuous and contemptible “What does it matter!” assertion by invoking the by now patently specious Liberal Progressive Politician ploy of rhetorically accepting “responsibility” for the governmental failures in Benghazi while in reality accepting none of the “blame,” as did Barack Hussein Obama before her.  
            “I accept full responsibility, Obama said, and Hillary said, then both accepted no blame, shifting it to others by claiming they hadn’t made relevant decisions, shifting the blame by implication to others in the vast bureaucracy.
             “I wasn’t aware of it ” Hillary testified, when asked to explain how it is that the murdered ambassador in Libya had warned of danger and requested extra security but the State Department denied the request. As to the lies that followed, including without limitation when Hillary joined with Obama to make a video broadcast to the Muslim world blaming, and apologizing for, the “offensive” video trailer insulting Muhammad as causing protests by offended Muslims which resulted in the murder of the ambassador and three other Americans, Hillary responded: “What does it matter!”
            It matters.  It matters whenever those occupying positions of public trust deliberately lie to the American people they are supposed to serve, not rule.             Americans have become used to being lied to by politicians, i.e., persons so  narcissistic that that they  actually believe they have a calling to govern the lives of others – always self-righteously  described  by them as a call to “public service,” to “give back” to the country that has given them so much. They “give back”  by ruling it.
            Indeed, William Jefferson Clinton would go before the American people and knowingly lie: “I did not have sex with that woman—Monica Lewinsky. “ Hillary Clinton would go on national television to denounce the accusations against her husband, the President,  as lies of a “vast rightwing conspiracy.” Later, of course,  he was found guilty of perjury by a federal court, had to pay some $800,000 in damages to Paula Jones because of his lies, was debarred as an attorney, and became the second president to be impeached by the House of Representatives, and the first to be impeached based on provable grounds of misconduct based on moral turpitude.
            While, then, Americans are aware that “public servant” politicians in general, and the Clintons in particular, will and do lie, what Americans are not used to is politicians so brazen and so contemptuous of “the public,” that is, “We, the People,”, that they would lie and then arrogantly and defiantly  challenge, when caught in a massive deception  over a matter as serious as the murder of Americans by Muslim terrorists – “What does it matter!”
            Thus, I suggest that Hillary Clinton’s utterly arrogant, contemptuous, elitist utterance “What does it matter” should not be minimized and is a matter of significance: It represents a turning point in how the Progressive Liberal government views the American people, and how the American people view their government.
            I suggest this is true  not just because what it reveals about  Clinton or Obama individually or as exemplars of Liberal Progressivism. But because of what it will reveal about the degree to which the American people have been “transformed” by Liberal Progressivism. That is, the significance ultimately is what will be revealed  about the contemporary content of the American character if the American people do not take a stand, demand truth from their government, rebuke and repudiate Clinton, Obama, or anyone in government who would deliberately lie to and deceive the American people  and then, when called upon to answer for their lies, refuse to do so and respond with arrogant, elitist, contempt for the governed: “What does it matter!”
(Rees Lloyd, a longtime civil rights attorney and veterans activist, is a member of the Victoria Taft Blog force).               


  1. Nailed some Republican pelts to the side of the barn yesterday. Our next president if she wants it.

    1. You mean the pelts of the dead Americans, don't you?

  2. Hi Iago,

    It certainly mattered when they needed cover from the election questions on Benghazi didn't it. This is the perfect case of the cover up being worse than the truth. Since no one wil talk about the facts, we really don't know what happened that day, it might have been totally unavoidable. But rather than level with the country, concoct a preposterous story and send a black woman out to take the heat. Fight republicans rather than Al Quaeda. This is every bit as heinous as the Pat Tillman lie.

    Remember the 2008 debates about Hillary being the one to get that 3:00 AM call on national security? Her having to to explain the lie in her own autobiography about dodging bullets at the Sarajevo Airport when the video shows her getting a bouquet of flowers from a child. Not to mention that dramatic photo of her and the President watching the Bin Laden operation real time? Where are the pictures of them trying to se what was going on in Benghazi.

    It's nice to know that your concern for your country can be bought for a SNAP card. With the change in rules for women in combat, the war on women becomes a reality. Gonna let your wife or daughter join up to fight for Hillary? Just make sure the battle is not during a campaign event. I'm sure Hilary hugging you and saying, "What does it matter" will ease your pain.