Monday, January 28, 2013

Seattle Police Gun Buy Back Turned Into Gun Show

The Seattle Police Department's first gun 'buy back' program in 20 years was turned into a gun show as gun owners And it was perfectly legal for gun enthusiasts and worked the crowd waiting to turn in their old guns for a $100 gift card from Seattle Police. 

here's how Q13 Fox summed up Sunday's event,
[O]utside the border of the actual event existed a circus-like atmosphere — complete with a gun crazed gorilla wanting to buy ‘banana clips’, a particular style of magazine known for holding dozens of rounds.There were also gun enthusiasts hoping to make a great find and score a one-of-a-kind firearm for a cheap price.“You’ve got guns that are antiques. A lot of these guns are going to disappear,” said Clint, who drove from Graham to offer cash as an alternative to those looking to hand over their guns for gift cards.Another man, who wanted to be identified as David, was paying cash for guns just down the street from the event. He doesn’t agree with the philosophy behind the buyback initiative.“The guns they’re getting off the street are not on the street,” said David. “They’re people’s antique .22s or hunting rifles. Things that aren’t going to be used in crimes anyway.”

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