Sunday, January 27, 2013

Victor Sharpe: Sunday Times of London's Libel Against Israel

This is the grotesque, evil and utterly repugnant cartoon, which was posted in The Sunday Times on Holocaust Memorial Day. Instead of condemning Nazi Germany and its European allies and honoring the Jewish victims, the newspaper ran a grotesque libel against the embattled State of Israel.

The horrific terrorism perpetrated against Israeli civilians by the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians is, and has been, effectively resisted by Israel’s use of a separation barrier that has saved thousands of Jewish and non-Jewish lives from Muslim suicide bombers.

This vile cartoon is a moral inversion of the truth and should shame Britain’s Sunday Times, which has sunk to a new level of degradation.


  1. I wonder what cartoons this newspaper published excoriating the forces of Hamas as they launched thousands of rockets towards Israeli civilian centers. I was briefed several years ago by a security officer in the Israeli town of Sderot who pointed out that because many of these rockets are difficult to aim, Hamas tries to make up for it by shooting them off at the time they know the little children in Sderot will be walking to and from school.

  2. You have got to be kidding me... where do you people get this undying loyalty to Israel and how is it possible to overlook the wholesale human rights violations and system of apartheid Israel has imposed on others and then find the gumption to call out the Sunday Times for a very accurate depiction of reality by calling it libelous?

    Israel's #1 export is terror and in fact they are the #1 exporter of terrorism on the planet.