Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Meantime, As Long As We're Persecuting Christians. Christian Group at University Kicked Off Campus Due to Requiring Leaders to be, Uh, Christians

I'm not making this up. And the Christian purge goes on. Stay strong. From Christianity Today:

The University of Michigan (UM) has become thelatest school to suspend its on-campus InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter for discrimination.
According to the Michigan Daily, "The University’s Asian InterVarsity chapter of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship...claimed Thursday that it was 'kicked off' campus because of religious qualifications for its student leaders."A UM spokeswoman said the suspension occurred because the groupdid not file its re-registration papers by the appropriate deadline, not because of its leadership qualification requirements.Two days later, UM reinstated IVCF as a recognized student organization, even after a meeting in which club leaders and university representatives disagreed about whether or not the group's constitution violates UM's non-discrimination policies. ________________________________________After the student leaders of Tufts Christian Fellowship (TCF) declined to revise their leadership policies, the Boston-area research university's Community Union Judiciary (TCUJ) revoked the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter's status as an officially recognized student organization.

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