Tuesday, February 05, 2013

UPDATED! Occupy Portland Activist Occupies Liberal Irony. Should He or Illegal Aliens Get In State College Tuition?

Cameron at N 17
An Occupy Portland socialist/anarchist (he says he's an anarchist) has come face to face with a tougher opponent than a cop in riot gear. Cameron Whitten has come face to face with government bureaucracy and far left politics. It's a potent brew for the Occupier.

The Occupy Portland poster child, hunger striker and former Mayoral Candidate has been denied in state tuition at an Oregon state university because officials don't believe he has established residency. This at the same time Oregon state legislators are planning to consider a bill allowing in state tuition to illegal aliens.

So Cameron Whitten is asking friends and followers of his Facebook page to write letters on his behalf to Western Oregon University where a hearing will take place today on his appeal to receive in state tuition  (see his appeal below). Currently he's been taking classes at Portland State University.

Now I can't attest to having seen Whitten at the Occupy Portland camp out the whole time, but if you look at the picture surrounding his tweet and these other photos it's evidence he has been in Portland long enough to be arrested roughed up at the "N 17" protest of November of 2011. (Cameron says he wasn't arrested at N 17, he was arrested three other times. Sorry for the mistake. Cam corrected me via twitter which said:  I was arrested on 10/29/2011, 11/13/2011, 12/16/2011, and 1/20/2012. 

The irony, of course, is that Cameron's buddies on the left-- the liberals and Democrats in the legislature--are taking up a bill to allow illegal aliens in-state tuition at Oregon universities. That's right, they'd allow people in this country illegally to have in-state tuition but not an American citizen like Cameron. 

Occupying Terry Shrunk Plaza 
PSU could check off a lot of EEOC boxes by having Cam on campus.  Think of it: He's a far lefty/socialist. Check. Black. Check, check. And as an added bonus, he's GAY!  He's hit the trifecta! 

Oh, and the other delicious irony of this story? The lawmaker sponsoring the bill is a teacher at Western Oregon University, State Senator Peter Courtney. Whoops, gotta go reset the irony meter!

If you have paid attention to my personal Facebook Page during this past month, you might know that I am stuck in an unfortunate position with the Oregon University System. I have been considered to be a non-resident for tuition purposes, which has made achieving an adequate education a nearly impossible possibility for me. There are many criteria in which OUS determines whether someone is an in-state resident for tuition purposes, including financial independence and duration of residence in the state. Under challenge in my case is adequate documentation that I am living in the State of Oregon for non-academic reasons.

I have considered Oregon to be my home since 2009. I have worked here. I have volunteered for dozen of non-profits here. I ran for public office here. The longest I have been away from Oregon in the past 12 months was a single week. I have provided my parents tax information, my social security number, copies of my identification and casework from when I first arrived.There is no other place that I could imagine being my home at this point. This is where I ask for your help.

There is no better documentation than the support of other Oregonians in my community. If you can, write a letter to OUS about what you have witnessed me do in the community, or an experience in which I personally touched your life.

The criteria for what I am asking in the letter is simple:

1. Be at least 200 words in length.
2. Does not include any condescending or hostile language.
3. It goes as far back as you can remember about my presence in the State.
4. Include your signature in handwriting, and scan it to cwhitten@pdx.edu OR you can email it to 2333 NW Irving St, Portland 97210.
5. It makes me cry a little when I read it.

There isn't much time between now and when I have to testify in Monmouth at Western State University, on February 5th, 11:00am. By that time, I wish to approach them with at least 100 personal letters from real Oregonians about my activities in Oregon, and how I have worked my hardest to make sure this is a prosperous place for all Oregonians to live.

Stay Healthy,

cameron whitten.

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