Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Oregon's Stasi: State "Investigates" Couple Who Refuse to Sell Wedding Cake to Lesbians

I've been frying other fish, subject matter wise (Mo Mo and Clack Town Center Shooting aftermath), but, for the record, when the state says it must 'investigate' the Sweet Cakes by Melissa Bakery in Gresham because the owners chose not to bake a lesbian couple a wedding cake then we're in the age of Stasi. 

Just ask this couple who supported the bakery on Saturday with dozens of others and spoke to the Portland Tribune:

Vlad and Miya, a Christian couple from Happy Valley, added that the Oregon Equality Act infringes upon their beliefs and persecutes Christians.
Miya, an immigrant from the Ukraine, said she came to the United States for religious freedom, but instead, “It looks like the same thing is starting here that we had over there.”
“(Christians) have rights, as well,” Miya added. “If we believe this is a sin and we don’t want to be supporting those actions, then we have the right to refuse.
“Gays and homosexuals is a lifestyle that they’ve chosen. This is what I believe. (The bakery) did not refuse service to them, but they did refuse to participate in having them get married.”
 Wake up, Oregon, it's happening.

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