Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Piers Morgan Gets Schooled by Ted Nugent

I was wondering when this match up was going to happen and it did last night. The CNN fancy pants interviewed rocker Ted Nugent about guns. But it appears that in order to get an audience with Noog, he had to come to Texas, go to a gun range and do the interview in a gun shop. Piers actually took an AR 15 to the range and is a pretty good shot.

Before you see Nugent take apart some the CNN gun schtick, note three things about the interview:

  • Faulty "hit by gun" statistic which Nugent takes apart.
  • Comparing guns stats between the US with near failed state Yemen where there is virtually no rule of law and is overrun by terrorists shooting--you guessed it--guns.
  • His habit of talking over the good points made by interviewee.

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